Armenian last names starting with T

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Tabakian Armenian
Tabakyan Armenian
Tabanian Armenian
Tabanyan Armenian
Tachdjian Armenian
Tachdjyan Armenian
Tachian Armenian
Tachkapoulian Armenian
Tachkapoulyan Armenian
Tachyan Armenian
Tacorian Armenian
Tacoryan Armenian
Tacvorian Armenian
Tacvoryan Armenian
Tahmighian Armenian
Tahmighyan Armenian
Takesian Armenian
Takesyan Armenian
Takhtajian Armenian
Takhtajyan Armenian
Takhtalian Armenian
Takhtalyan Armenian
Takmajian Armenian
Takmajyan Armenian
Takoushian Armenian
Takoushyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Takvorian Armenian
Takvoryan Armenian
Taldabanian Armenian
Taldabanyan Armenian
Tamanian Armenian
Tamanyan Armenian
Tamivian Armenian
Tamivyan Armenian
Tamizian Armenian
Tamizyan Armenian
Tanielian Armenian
Tanielyan Armenian
Tankazian Armenian
Tankazyan Armenian
Tankian Armenian
Tankyan Armenian
Tarakchian Armenian
Tarakchyan Armenian
Tarakjian Armenian
Tarakjyan Armenian
Taraktchian Armenian
Taraktchyan Armenian
Tarighian Armenian
Tarighyan Armenian

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