Armenian last names starting with E

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Easyana Armenian
Ebrahimian Armenian
Ebrahimyan Armenian
Edinjiklian Armenian
Edinjiklyan Armenian
Edkirmendjian Armenian
Edkirmendjyan Armenian
Egabashian Armenian
Egabashyan Armenian
Eghenian Armenian
Eghenyan Armenian
Eghiaian Armenian
Eghian Armenian
Eghiayan Armenian
Eghiazarian Armenian
Eghiazaryan Armenian
Eghigian Armenian
Eghigyan Armenian
Eghikian Armenian
Eghikyan Armenian
Eghyan Armenian
Eguiazarian Armenian
Eguiazaryan Armenian
Ekizian Armenian
Ekizyan Armenian
Ekmanian Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Ekmanyan Armenian
Ekmekjian Armenian
Ekmekjyan Armenian
Ekshian Armenian
Ekshyan Armenian
Eksouzian Armenian
Eksouzyan Armenian
Ellouguian Armenian
Ellouguyan Armenian
Elmasian Armenian
Elmassakian Armenian
Elmassakyan Armenian
Elmassian Armenian
Elmassyan Armenian
Elmasyan Armenian
Emrazian Armenian
Emrazyan Armenian
Enneian Armenian
Enneyan Armenian
Epremian Armenian
Epremyan Armenian
Equiaian Armenian
Equiayan Armenian
Eramian Armenian

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