The 'American Last Names' website provides general information about the majority of last names that exist in the United States at present days.

The bulk of the names is coming from the US census from the year 2000. The survey does not contains exactly all the names existing in the US but only the ones that repeat at least one hundred times. The data provided on this web site usually also has that restriction. Even so we reserve the right to add any USA bound names with no regard to their popularity.

Every name most often contains the information on how many people have the given surname and where the name stands in the popularity ranks among other surnames. The other pieces of information that some of the names have are name origin and name meaning.

The website begins with a start page that shows the most popular names and splits the navigation based on the alphabet letters. Those let the users keep navigating to the names of their choice by selecting a three letter range. There a user sees a list of names ordered alphabetically showing the statistical information and possibly parts of the name meanings. Each name takes one to a page with data on a particular name. Again, the count, rank, meaning, and name origin are possible pieces of data on those pages.

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