Armenian last names starting with I

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Ibramanian Armenian
Ibramanyan Armenian
Ichlemdjian Armenian
Ichlemdjyan Armenian
Ichlokmanian Armenian
Ichlokmanyan Armenian
Igitian Armenian
Igityan Armenian
Ilandrian Armenian
Ilandryan Armenian
Iloulian Armenian
Iloulyan Armenian
Indgeian Armenian
Indgeyan Armenian
Indoian Armenian
Indoyan Armenian
Inezian Armenian
Inezyan Armenian
Inguilizian Armenian
Inguilizyan Armenian
Injeian Armenian
Injeyan Armenian
Injijian Armenian
Injijyan Armenian
Isagholian Armenian
Isagholyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Isahakian Armenian
Isahakyan Armenian
Ishkanian Armenian
Ishkanyan Armenian
Ishkhanian Armenian
Ishkhanyan Armenian
Iskanian Armenian
Iskanyan Armenian
Iskenderian Armenian
Iskenderyan Armenian
Iskenian Armenian
Iskenyan Armenian
Iskian Armenian
Iskyan Armenian
Ismailian Armenian
Ismailyan Armenian
Ispirian Armenian
Ispiryan Armenian
Israelian Armenian
Israelyan Armenian
Isralian Armenian
Isralyan Armenian
Israyelian Armenian
Israyelyan Armenian

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