Armenian last names starting with J

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Jagdjian Armenian
Jagdjyan Armenian
Jaghaian Armenian
Jaghayan Armenian
Jalalian Armenian
Jalalyan Armenian
Jambazian Armenian
Jambazyan Armenian
Jamgochian Armenian
Jamgochyan Armenian
Jamgocian Armenian
Jamgocyan Armenian
Jamgotchian Armenian
Jamgotchyan Armenian
Jamjamian Armenian
Jamjamyan Armenian
Janikian Armenian
Janikyan Armenian
Jankouzian Armenian
Jankouzyan Armenian
Jazmadarian Armenian
Jazmadaryan Armenian
Jebejian Armenian
Jebejyan Armenian
Jegalian Armenian
Jegalyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Jeghelian Armenian
Jeghelyan Armenian
Jejeian Armenian
Jejeyan Armenian
Jeknovorian Armenian
Jeknovoryan Armenian
Jenanian Armenian
Jenanyan Armenian
Jerijian Armenian
Jerijyan Armenian
Jernazian Armenian
Jernazyan Armenian
Jibotian Armenian
Jibotyan Armenian
Jigarkhanian Armenian
Jigarkhanyan Armenian
Jizmejian Armenian
Jizmejyan Armenian
Jouharian Armenian
Jouharyan Armenian
Joujakian Armenian
Joujakyan Armenian
Juknavorian Armenian
Juknavoryan Armenian

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