Armenian last names starting with B

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Baaghjian Armenian
Baaghjyan Armenian
Babaeghian Armenian
Babaeghyan Armenian
Babaian Armenian
Babaianbabaian Armenian
Babaianbabayan Armenian
Babaighian Armenian
Babaighyan Armenian
Babajanian Armenian
Babajanyan Armenian
Babakhanian Armenian
Babakhanyan Armenian
Babanian Armenian
Babanyan Armenian
Babayan Armenian
Babigian Armenian
Babigyan Armenian
Babikian Armenian
Babikyan Armenian
Babodjian Armenian
Babodjyan Armenian
Baboghlian Armenian
Baboghlyan Armenian
Baboian Armenian
Baboudjian Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Baboudjyan Armenian
Baboyan Armenian
Baclacian Armenian
Baclacyan Armenian
Badakian Armenian
Badakyan Armenian
Badalian Armenian
Badalyan Armenian
Badashian Armenian
Badashyan Armenian
Baderedjian Armenian
Baderedjyan Armenian
Badjaksejian Armenian
Badjaksejyan Armenian
Bagamian Armenian
Bagamyan Armenian
Bagaybagaian Armenian
Bagaybagayan Armenian
Bagdasarian Armenian
Bagdasaryan Armenian
Bagdazarian Armenian
Bagdazaryan Armenian
Bagdoian Armenian
Bagdoyan Armenian

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