Armenian last names starting with N

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Nabavian Armenian
Nabavyan Armenian
Nabighian Armenian
Nabighyan Armenian
Nadanian Armenian
Nadanyan Armenian
Nadjarian Armenian
Nadjaryan Armenian
Nahabedian Armenian
Nahabedyan Armenian
Nahigian Armenian
Nahigyan Armenian
Najarian Armenian
Najaryan Armenian
Nakashian Armenian
Nakashyan Armenian
Nakhnikian Armenian
Nakhnikyan Armenian
Nakhshekarian Armenian
Nakhshekaryan Armenian
Nakhshikian Armenian
Nakhshikyan Armenian
Nalbandian Armenian
Nalbandyan Armenian
Nalbantian Armenian
Nalbantyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Narcessian Armenian
Narcessyan Armenian
Narghizian Armenian
Narghizyan Armenian
Nargizian Armenian
Nargizyan Armenian
Narguizian Armenian
Narguizyan Armenian
Naroian Armenian
Naroyan Armenian
Nashanian Armenian
Nashanyan Armenian
Natanian Armenian
Natanyan Armenian
Natlinian Armenian
Natlinyan Armenian
Navasartian Armenian
Navasartyan Armenian
Nazaretian Armenian
Nazaretyan Armenian Name NAZARETYAN is a Latin spelling o...
Nazarian Armenian
Nazaryan Armenian Name NAZARYAN is a Latin spelling of ...
Nazlikian Armenian
Nazlikyan Armenian

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