Armenian last names starting with P

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Pabian Armenian Name PABIAN is a Latin spelling of it...
Pabigian Armenian
Pabigyan Armenian
Paboojian Armenian
Paboojyan Armenian
Pabyan Armenian
Paghishetsi Armenian
Pakchoian Armenian
Pakchoyan Armenian
Pakradouni Armenian
Pakradounian Armenian
Pakradounyan Armenian
Palaian Armenian
Palatian Armenian
Palatyan Armenian
Palayan Armenian
Pambakian Armenian
Pambakyan Armenian
Pamboukokian Armenian
Pamboukokyan Armenian
Pambourshian Armenian
Pambourshyan Armenian
Pandjarjian Armenian
Pandjarjyan Armenian
Pangargeian Armenian
Pangargeyan Armenian

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