Armenian last names starting with S

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Saatjian Armenian
Saatjyan Armenian
Sabounjian Armenian
Sabounjyan Armenian
Sadorian Armenian
Sadoryan Armenian
Safarian Armenian
Safaryan Armenian
Saffarian Armenian
Saffaryan Armenian
Saffian Armenian
Saffyan Armenian
Sagatelian Armenian
Sagatelyan Armenian
Saghatelian Armenian
Saghatelyan Armenian
Saghbazarian Armenian
Saghbazaryan Armenian
Sagherian Armenian
Sagheryan Armenian
Saginian Armenian
Saginyan Armenian
Sahaghian Armenian
Sahaghyan Armenian
Sahagian Armenian
Sahagyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Sahakian Armenian
Sahakyan Armenian
Sahroian Armenian
Sahroyan Armenian
Saidkhanian Armenian
Saidkhanyan Armenian
Sakajian Armenian
Sakajyan Armenian
Sakalian Armenian
Sakalyan Armenian
Sakezlian Armenian
Sakezlyan Armenian
Sakislian Armenian
Sakislyan Armenian
Sakizlian Armenian
Sakizlyan Armenian
Sakuzlian Armenian
Sakuzlyan Armenian
Salimian Armenian
Salimyan Armenian
Salmaian Armenian
Salmayan Armenian
Samarkashian Armenian
Samarkashyan Armenian

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