Armenian last names starting with M

Armenian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Macighian Armenian
Macighyan Armenian
Madatian Armenian
Madatyan Armenian
Magapetian Armenian
Magapetyan Armenian
Magapian Armenian
Magapyan Armenian
Magarian Armenian
Magaryan Armenian
Magerian Armenian
Mageryan Armenian
Maghakian Armenian
Maghakyan Armenian
Maghdessian Armenian
Maghdessyan Armenian
Mahakian Armenian
Mahakyan Armenian
Mahdesian Armenian
Mahdessian Armenian
Mahdessyan Armenian
Mahdesyan Armenian
Mahseredjian Armenian
Mahseredjyan Armenian
Mahtesian Armenian
Mahtesyan Armenian
Name Origin Meaning
Majarian Armenian
Majaryan Armenian
Makasdjian Armenian
Makasdjyan Armenian
Makasjian Armenian
Makasjyan Armenian
Makhanian Armenian
Makhanyan Armenian
Maksudian Armenian
Maksudyan Armenian
Malachalian Armenian
Malachalyan Armenian
Malkasian Armenian
Malkasyan Armenian
Malkhasian Armenian
Malkhassian Armenian
Malkhassyan Armenian
Malkhasyan Armenian
Maloian Armenian
Maloumian Armenian
Maloumyan Armenian
Maloyan Armenian
Mambreian Armenian
Mambreyan Armenian

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