Samoan last names starting with O

Samoan last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Oa Samoan
Oaoaifaleseu Samoan
Oavale Samoan
Ofa Samoan
Ofaira Samoan
Ofisa Samoan
Ofoia Samoan
Ofuofumomo Samoan
Ofuofumomoiufi Samoan
Ogafanuatele Samoan
Ogafanuatetele Samoan
Ogafiatele Samoan
Ogatai Samoan
Oge Samoan
Oilau Samoan
Ola Samoan
Olaf Samoan
Olafoe Samoan
Olaileipu Samoan
Olaitofu Samoan
Olasa Samoan
Olemasulutama Samoan
Olesa Samoan
Olevia Samoan
Oli Samoan
Olioli Samoan
Name Origin Meaning
Oliovaigafa Samoan
Oliva Samoan
Olo Samoan
Oloaililo Samoan
Oloalilo Samoan
Oloamasina Samoan
Oloamualelaga Samoan
Oloana Samoan
Oloasamoa Samoan
Oloatua Samoan
Olofai Samoan
Ologatuitoga Samoan
Ologogo Samoan
Oloitavae Samoan
Oloitoa Samoan
Oloitoga Samoan
Olomaunu Samoan
Olonaatuitoga Samoan
Oloolenuu Samoan
Olosegaivaimasa Samoan
Olotoa Samoan
Omani Samoan
Ominae Samoan
On Samoan Peace, tranquil, secure, content, cal...

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