Samoan last names starting with S

Samoan last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Sa Samoan Refers to a type of grass (Cyperus ro...
Saaga Samoan
Saaimoana Samoan
Saalea Samoan
Saama Samoan
Saamasofa Samoan
Saasaa Samoan
Saeeseese Samoan
Saena Samoan
Saeni Samoan
Saesae Samoan
Saeseese Samoan
Saeu Samoan
Safaatauemana Samoan
Safale Samoan
Safotu Samoan
Safuiane Samoan
Safulu Samoan
Safuta Samoan
Saga Samoan
Sagaea Samoan
Sagagauetasi Samoan
Sagaia Samoan
Sagaialemalama Samoan
Sagailemalama Samoan
Sagaisalemalama Samoan
Name Origin Meaning
Sagalala Samoan
Sagale Samoan
Sagameauta Samoan
Saganaimuli Samoan
Sagapolu Samoan
Sagapolutele Samoan
Sagataetuna Samoan
Sagate Samoan
Sagatele Samoan
Sagole Samoan
Sagote Samoan
Sai Samoan West.
Saia Samoan
Saiaana Samoan
Saiatua Samoan
Saiena Samoan
Saifaaolo Samoan
Saifaasolo Samoan
Saifaaua Samoan
Saifaga Samoan
Saifalemaa Samoan
Saifaleupolu Samoan
Saifaoolo Samoan
Saifo Samoan

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