Samoan last names starting with N

Samoan last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Naa Samoan
Naama Samoan
Naea Samoan
Nafanua Samoan
Nafo Samoan
Naiai Samoan
Naiamani Samoan
Naigogo Samoan
Naila Samoan
Nailematofa Samoan
Nailevaiiliili Samoan
Naimanuitioletuasivi Samoan
Naina Samoan
Naiopata Samoan
Naisuni Samoan
Naitafili Samoan
Naitasala Samoan
Naite Samoan
Naitosala Samoan
Naiuea Samoan
Naiufi Samoan
Nalalatele Samoan
Namalauola Samoan
Namaligi Samoan
Namalini Samoan
Namalofaga Samoan
Name Origin Meaning
Namoaitele Samoan
Namu Samoan
Namuaimaga Samoan
Namuaitele Samoan
Namulauulu Samoan
Nanai Samoan
Nanette Samoan
Nanise Samoan
Nanisetaimalie Samoan
Nano Samoan
Nanumea Samoan
Naoia Samoan
Naomi Samoan
Naotala Samoan
Naoupu Samoan
Nase Samoan
Naseimaave Samoan
Nata Samoan
Nataiamanu Samoan
Natano Samoan
Nateu Samoan
Nati Samoan
Natoaitele Samoan
Natoealofa Samoan

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