Samoan last names starting with A

Samoan last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Aa Samoan
Aalia Samoan
Aana Samoan
Aano Samoan
Aaoga Samoan
Aaone Samoan
Aaonemaseulaaifaletui Samoan
Aaonemaseulaifaletui Samoan
Aaoti Samoan
Aapoga Samoan
Aapona Samoan
Aatagata Samoan
Aatasi Samoan
Aatasilogogoa Samoan
Aatasilogonoa Samoan
Aati Samoan
Aatoa Samoan
Aatoe Samoan
Ae Samoan
Aeaenuu Samoan
Aemata Samoan
Aeoainuu Samoan
Afa Samoan
Afaese Samoan
Afakasi Samoan
Afamasaga Samoan
Name Origin Meaning
Afatia Samoan
Afato Samoan
Afea Samoan
Afeai Samoan
Afega Samoan
Afegaitinooti Samoan
Afele Samoan
Afeleti Samoan
Afemata Samoan
Afesulu Samoan
Afiafi Samoan
Afilaite Samoan
Afimufaatalali Samoan
Afimusaesae Samoan
Afioga Samoan
Afisulu Samoan
Afitu Samoan
Afo Samoan
Afoa Samoan
Afoafoavale Samoan
Afoamua Samoan
Afu Samoan
Afualo Samoan
Afuhaamango Samoan

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