Samoan last names starting with U

Samoan last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Ua Samoan
Uaealesi Samoan
Uaina Samoan
Uale Samoan
Ualegalu Samoan
Ualesi Samoan
Ualolo Samoan
Uameatusi Samoan
Uane Samoan
Uao Samoan
Uarota Samoan
Uasa Samoan
Uatea Samoan
Uati Samoan
Uatine Samoan
Uatisone Samoan
Uauaapuaa Samoan
Uauapuaa Samoan
Uea Samoan
Uelese Samoan
Uepa Samoan
Uesele Samoan
Ueta Samoan
Ufagalilo Samoan
Ufagapiu Samoan
Ufalefa Samoan
Name Origin Meaning
Ufalefu Samoan
Ufau Samoan
Ufiavapupu Samoan
Ufiti Samoan
Ufiufi Samoan
Ufiuitauea Samoan
Ufuti Samoan
Uga Samoan
Ugaega Samoan
Ugamanaia Samoan
Ugapamamao Samoan
Ugapo Samoan
Ugapoliuafi Samoan
Ugasa Samoan
Ugavaetele Samoan
Uhrle Samoan
Uiagalelei Samoan
Uialatea Samoan
Uialeafato Samoan
Uiese Samoan
Uifiafia Samoan
Uila Samoan
Uilafagu Samoan
Uilafaititili Samoan

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