Jewish last names starting with Y

Jewish last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Yaabez Jewish
Yaacobi Jewish
Yaacobs Jewish
Yaacov Jewish
Yaakov Jewish
Yaari Jewish
Yaavez Jewish
Yabar Jewish
Yaben Jewish
Yabet Jewish
Yablinkewicz Jewish
Yablok Jewish
Yablon Jewish
Yablonick Jewish
Yablonsky Jewish
Yabra Jewish
Yacaman Jewish
Yacar Jewish
Yacewlan Jewish
Yachar Jewish
Yachlitansky Jewish
Yachnin Jewish
Yachniuck Jewish
Yaciwlan Jewish
Yacknin Jewish
Yaco Jewish
Name Origin Meaning
Yacobi Jewish
Yacobinsky Jewish
Yacobovich Jewish
Yacoub Jewish
Yacovar Jewish
Yacovbovitch Jewish
Yacovson Jewish
Yacub Jewish Name YACUB is a Latin spelling of its...
Yadgar Jewish
Yadgard Jewish
Yadger Jewish
Yadid Jewish
Yadin Jewish
Yado Jewish
Yadoo Jewish
Yaech Jewish
Yaeche Jewish
Yael Jewish
Yaerkoni Jewish
Yafe Jewish
Yaffa Jewish
Yaffe Jewish
Yaffy Jewish
Yafil Jewish

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