Jewish last names starting with D

Jewish last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Daaboul Jewish
Daam Jewish
Daar Jewish
Dabah Jewish
Dabas Jewish
Dabbah Jewish
Dabbahmamieh Jewish
Dabbas Jewish
Dabbi Jewish
Dabby Jewish
Dabel Jewish
Dabela Jewish
Dabell Jewish
Dabella Jewish
Dabetzky Jewish
Dabii Jewish
Dabila Jewish
Dabilla Jewish
Dabkin Jewish
Dablin Jewish
Dabola Jewish
Daboul Jewish
Dabul Jewish Name DABUL is a Latin spelling of its...
Daces Jewish
Dachensky Jewish
Dacher Jewish
Name Origin Meaning
Daches Jewish
Dachinger Jewish
Dachmann Jewish
Dachner Jewish
Dachoffsky Jewish
Dachs Jewish
Dachschlager Jewish
Dachschleger Jewish
Dachus Jewish
Dacker Jewish
Dacks Jewish Name DACKS is a Latin spelling of its...
Dacosta Jewish
Daddario Jewish
Daddie Jewish
Dadge Jewish
Dadi Jewish
Dadia Jewish
Dadiah Jewish
Dadon Jewish
Dadouch Jewish
Dadouche Jewish
Dadoun Jewish
Dadoune Jewish
Dael Jewish

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