Congolese last names starting with T

Congolese last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Talatala Congolese
Tchicaya Congolese
Thibasu Congolese
Thomas Congolese The son of Thomas. Thomas and Thome (...
Tsbilemba Congolese
Tschikudi Congolese
Tshabu Congolese
Tshanda Congolese
Tshatumba Congolese
Tshiaba Congolese
Tshiabu Congolese
Tshiala Congolese
Tshialu Congolese
Tshiamanina Congolese
Tshiambi Congolese
Tshiambula Congolese
Tshiambwaya Congolese
Tshianzambonga Congolese
Tshibaka Congolese
Tshibala Congolese
Tshibalabala Congolese
Tshibamba Congolese
Tshibangu Congolese
Tshibasu Congolese
Tshibelu Congolese
Tshibidi Congolese
Name Origin Meaning
Tshibindji Congolese
Tshibinzi Congolese
Tshibola Congolese
Tshibuaba Congolese
Tshibuabua Congolese
Tshibudisse Congolese
Tshibwabwa Congolese
Tshichimbi Congolese
Tshidibi Congolese
Tshidindu Congolese
Tshidingi Congolese
Tshiebelela Congolese
Tshiela Congolese
Tshiepela Congolese
Tshifunka Congolese
Tshikondo Congolese
Tshikoyikabunpangi Congolese
Tshikulu Congolese
Tshikumini Congolese
Tshilenga Congolese
Tshilombo Congolese
Tshilumba Congolese
Tshilunga Congolese
Tshimanga Congolese

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