Congolese last names starting with K

Congolese last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Kaba Congolese
Kabala Congolese
Kabamba Congolese
Kabanda Congolese
Kabanga Congolese
Kabange Congolese
Kabangele Congolese
Kabangu Congolese
Kabasela Congolese
Kabasele Congolese
Kabatusuila Congolese
Kabedi Congolese
Kabemba Congolese
Kabemgelebudimbu Congolese
Kabengele Congolese
Kabenguele Congolese
Kabereyeho Congolese
Kabesele Congolese
Kabeya Congolese
Kabidji Congolese
Kabila Congolese
Kabimania Congolese
Kaboka Congolese
Kabombo Congolese
Kabongo Congolese
Kaboya Congolese
Name Origin Meaning
Kabudji Congolese
Kabuite Congolese
Kabukabu Congolese
Kabukala Congolese
Kabulo Congolese
Kabunda Congolese
Kabundangoji Congolese
Kabungama Congolese
Kabungulu Congolese
Kabuya Congolese
Kabwa Congolese
Kabwaya Congolese
Kabwe Congolese
Kabwela Congolese
Kabwiz Congolese
Kadende Congolese
Kadiata Congolese
Kadida Congolese
Kadiebwe Congolese
Kadilu Congolese
Kadima Congolese
Kadiombo Congolese
Kafuba Congolese
Kafuta Congolese

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