Nigerian last names starting with O

Nigerian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Oarhe Nigerian
Obademi Nigerian
Obafemi Nigerian
Obaje Nigerian
Obano Nigerian
Obanor Nigerian
Obanta Nigerian
Obaraku Nigerian
Obaretiri Nigerian
Obasanho Nigerian
Obasanjo Nigerian
Obasi Nigerian
Obatola Nigerian
Obayan Nigerian
Obazuaye Nigerian
Obekpa Nigerian
Obesere Nigerian
Obhafuoso Nigerian
Obi Nigerian
Obia Nigerian
Obiajunwa Nigerian
Obidile Nigerian
Obiefule Nigerian
Obiefuna Nigerian
Obiekwu Nigerian
Obikwelu Nigerian
Name Origin Meaning
Obiora Nigerian
Obiorah Nigerian
Obiozor Nigerian
Obisesan Nigerian
Obleajula Nigerian
Oboabona Nigerian
Obode Nigerian
Oboh Nigerian
Oboli Nigerian
Oborududu Nigerian
Obot Nigerian
Obuh Nigerian Name OBUH is a Latin spelling of its ...
Ochefu Nigerian
Ochulor Nigerian
Odegbami Nigerian
Odia Nigerian
Odiah Nigerian
Odibe Nigerian
Odimayo Nigerian
Odita Nigerian
Odiye Nigerian
Odizor Nigerian
Odofin Nigerian
Odogwu Nigerian

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