Maori last names starting with K

Maori last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Kahiwai Maori
Kahiwirori Maori
Kahu Maori
Kahukakanui Maori
Kahukura Maori
Kaimoana Maori
Kainamu Maori
Kaingariro Maori
Kainuku Maori
Kaipapa Maori
Kairau Maori
Kaire Maori
Kaiteke Maori
Kakewahine Maori
Kamira Maori
Kamuwai Maori
Kaneri Maori
Kanuta Maori
Kapene Maori
Kaponga Maori
Karahina Maori
Karaitiana Maori
Karaka Maori
Karakiakore Maori
Karamaena Maori
Kararene Maori
Name Origin Meaning
Karati Maori
Karekare Maori
Kareko Maori
Karena Maori
Katene Maori
Katete Maori
Katipa Maori
Kauamo Maori
Kaui Maori
Kaukau Maori
Kaura Maori
Kautarewa Maori
Kawana Maori
Kawau Maori
Kawiti Maori
Keepa Maori
Kena Maori
Keno Maori
Kepa Maori
Kerapa Maori
Kereama Maori
Kerei Maori
Keremeneta Maori
Kereoma Maori

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