Finnish last names starting with V

Finnish last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Vaananen Finnish
Vaarakallio Finnish
Vaaraniemi Finnish
Vaatainen Finnish
Vacca Finnish
Vahatalo Finnish
Vaijarvi Finnish
Vainikainen Finnish
Vainio Finnish
Vainola Finnish
Vakkuri Finnish
Valkki Finnish
Valkkynen Finnish
Valli Finnish
Valtonen Finnish
Vanhala Finnish
Vanpera Finnish
Vanska Finnish
Varala Finnish
Varis Finnish
Varjo Finnish
Varonen Finnish
Varvikko Finnish
Vatanen Finnish
Vataren Finnish
Vatoren Finnish
Name Origin Meaning
Veintie Finnish
Venalainen Finnish
Verkko Finnish
Vihavainen Finnish
Viitala Finnish
Viitanen Finnish
Viitasalo Finnish
Viljanen Finnish
Vilkuna Finnish
Vinni Finnish
Viren Finnish
Virjonen Finnish
Virolainen Finnish
Virtanen Finnish
Vitikka Finnish
Voutilainen Finnish
Vuolle Finnish
Vuorela Finnish
Vuorinen Finnish
Vuorio Finnish
Vuoristo Finnish

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