Ranks of US male baby names for Texas.

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1 David David David David David David David Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jacob Jacob Jacob
2 James James James James James Michael Michael David David David James James Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher Michael Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob Daniel Jose Jayden Jayden
3 Robert Michael Michael Michael John James James James James James David John David Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason David David David David Joshua David Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Jose Jose Jose Michael Christopher Michael Michael Joshua Michael Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Daniel Daniel Jacob Jayden Daniel Ethan
4 Michael Robert Robert John Michael John John John John Robert John David James James David David David David David David David James James James Matthew David Matthew David Justin Matthew Matthew Matthew Jose Joshua Joshua Joshua Joshua Jacob Christopher Christopher Michael Joshua Michael Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel Christopher Christopher Angel Angel Jose Noah
5 John John John Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert John Robert Robert John David John James James James James James James John John Matthew Joshua James Joshua Matthew David David David Jose Matthew David Daniel Jacob Jacob Joshua Joshua Joshua Christopher Christopher Christopher Michael David Christopher Christopher Angel Joshua Christopher David David Daniel
6 Mark Mark Mark Mark Richard Richard Richard Richard Richard William Christopher Christopher Robert John James John John John John John John Jason Jason John James John James Justin Matthew Justin Jose David David Matthew Matthew Matthew David Matthew Matthew Matthew Daniel David Daniel Christopher Juan David Angel Joshua David David Daniel Ethan Jose
7 Richard Richard Richard Richard William William William William William Christopher William Jason Jason Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Robert Joshua Joshua John Daniel John John John John Justin John John Daniel Jacob Daniel Matthew David David Daniel Matthew Matthew Juan David Christopher Angel David David Angel Ethan Christopher Noah David
8 William William William William Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Richard Richard William Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Joshua Joshua Robert Jason Daniel Matthew Daniel Daniel James James Daniel Justin Daniel John David David Daniel Daniel Brandon Juan David Daniel David Juan Michael Juan Juan Ethan Ethan Joshua Ethan Aiden Aiden
9 Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Charles Mark Jason Jose William Brian Juan Juan Juan Daniel Daniel Joshua Jose Jose Matthew Robert Robert Robert Justin James Daniel Jose John Daniel James Jacob Brandon Brandon Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan David Juan Christian Matthew Matthew Matthew Michael Michael Juan Juan Jayden Anthony Christopher Matthew
10 Kenneth Kenneth Kenneth Kenneth Kenneth Kevin Jose Steven Christopher Jose Mark Richard Brian Juan Brian William Daniel William Juan Daniel Justin Daniel Justin Daniel Brandon Brandon Robert Robert Robert Daniel James James Justin Brandon John John Brandon Brandon Daniel Brandon Jonathan Juan Jonathan Jonathan Ethan Anthony Ethan Anthony Michael Alexander Joshua Angel Alexander
11 Joe Gary Joe Kevin Kevin Jose Kevin Jose Jose Charles Jose Kevin Richard William Daniel Daniel William Brian Joshua Matthew Daniel Matthew Daniel Justin Jose Jose Jose Jose Jose Robert Robert Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan Juan Jonathan John Juan Juan Jonathan Christian Jonathan Ethan Ethan Angel Matthew Christian Michael Anthony Michael Aiden Matthew Michael
12 Jose Joe Jose Jose Paul Kenneth Paul Christopher Steven Steven Kevin Juan Juan Richard William Brian Brian Juan William William Matthew Justin Jose Jose Justin Justin Brandon Andrew Jonathan Andrew Jonathan Robert Jacob James Jonathan Juan Juan Andrew John John Brandon Brandon Christian Angel Jonathan Ethan Matthew Diego Jayden Juan Michael Joshua Mason
13 Steven Steven Steven Joe Jose Paul Christopher Kevin Kevin Kevin Charles Mark Mark Mark Richard Richard Matthew Matthew Matthew Juan William Brandon Brandon Brandon Jason William Andrew Jonathan Andrew Jonathan Andrew Jacob Andrew Justin James Justin Christian John Christian Christian Andrew John Andrew Anthony Andrew Jonathan Anthony Christian Alexander Anthony Noah Mason Christopher
14 Gary Jose Gary Thomas Joe Daniel Steven Paul Paul Brian Steven Brian Daniel Daniel Mark Matthew Jeremy Jeremy Brian Jeremy Juan Joseph William William William Jason Jonathan Brandon William Ryan Jacob Andrew Brandon Juan Justin Andrew Andrew Christian Andrew Andrew John Andrew Anthony Andrew Anthony Andrew Jonathan Jonathan Christian Aiden Alexander Anthony Anthony
15 Larry Paul Daniel Paul Steven Steven Kenneth Kenneth Jeffrey Daniel Juan Charles Kevin Kevin Charles Eric Eric Kevin Joseph Eric Joseph Juan Joseph Jonathan Jonathan Jonathan William Joseph Brandon William Ryan Ryan Juan Andrew Zachary Tyler Justin Zachary Nicholas Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Christian Christian Christian Andrew Matthew Matthew Christian Jonathan Michael Angel
16 Thomas Thomas Paul Steven Daniel Joe Daniel Thomas Brian Jeffrey Jeffrey Steven Charles Eric Kevin Charles Joseph Joseph Jeremy Joseph Eric Jonathan Jonathan Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph William Eric Joseph Juan Juan Robert Ryan Andrew James James Nicholas Joseph Nicholas Luis Anthony Brandon Joseph Jesus John Diego Luis Andrew Noah Juan Alexander William
17 Daniel Daniel Kevin Gary Thomas Thomas Joe Brian Daniel Paul Brian Daniel Steven Charles Eric Mark Richard Eric Eric Brian Brian William Juan Juan Eric Andrew Ryan Ryan Ryan Juan Joseph Joseph Ryan Robert Tyler Christian Joseph James William Anthony William Jesus Angel Brandon John Diego Luis Andrew Aiden Matthew William William Joshua
18 Paul Larry Thomas Daniel Gary Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey Kenneth Juan Daniel Jeffrey Eric Steven Steven Steven Mark Joshua Richard Justin Jeremy Eric Eric Eric Ryan Ryan Eric Eric Joseph Brandon William William William Zachary Ryan Zachary Zachary Joseph James James Nicholas Ethan John Luis Luis Luis Joseph Jayden Jonathan Jonathan Christian Juan Elijah
19 Donald Kevin Jeffrey Jerry Jeffrey Christopher Thomas Timothy Thomas Thomas Paul Eric Jeffrey Matthew Matthew Kevin Kevin Richard Kevin Richard Brandon Jeremy Brian Ryan Andrew Eric Jason Jeremy Juan Eric Eric Brandon Joseph Joseph Robert Joseph Austin Luis Luis William Anthony William Luis John William Jesus Alexander Noah Luis William Andrew Elijah Liam
20 Jerry Donald Gregory Gregory Gregory Timothy Timothy Daniel Juan Kenneth Thomas Scott Joseph Jeffrey Jeffrey Joseph Steven Charles Charles Brandon Jonathan Brian Richard Brian Juan Juan Jeremy Juan Aaron Jacob Brandon Cody Zachary William William Austin William William Anthony Luis Zachary Luis Jesus Jesus Joseph William Noah William Noah Andrew Matthew Christian Jonathan
21 Ronald Gregory Larry Larry Jerry Gary Anthony Stephen Timothy Jason Eric Paul Paul Joseph Joseph Jeremy Charles Steven Mark Charles Richard Richard Ryan Andrew Brian Anthony Juan Kevin Anthony Aaron Anthony Eric Cody Tyler Joseph Nicholas Tyler Austin Zachary Zachary Ryan Nicholas William William Brandon Joseph John Jesus William Gabriel Gabriel Jonathan Juan
22 Ricky Jerry Ronald Jeffrey Ronald Gregory Gary Anthony Anthony Scott Kenneth Thomas Thomas Anthony Thomas Jeffrey Jeffrey Mark Justin Kevin Charles Ryan Jeremy Steven Adam Brian Anthony Anthony Jacob Nicholas Aaron Anthony Tyler Cody Austin William Robert Justin Austin Ryan James Carlos Nicholas Kevin Nathan Alexander Jesus John Nathan Jesus Elijah Gabriel Andrew
23 Terry Terry Donald Ronald Scott Jerry Juan Juan Joe Anthony Stephen Stephen Anthony Thomas Jeremy Thomas Joshua Jeffrey Steven Mark Ryan Steven Steven Richard Richard Kevin Steven Jason Jeremy Anthony Cody Zachary Anthony Nicholas Aaron Ryan Ryan Tyler Jesus Justin Jesus Kevin Carlos Ryan Ryan Nathan William Joseph Gabriel Joseph Joseph Adrian Nathan
24 Kevin Ronald Scott Juan Timothy Anthony Ronald Joe Scott Stephen Anthony Kenneth Joe Paul Anthony Anthony Timothy Ryan Timothy Ryan Kevin Aaron Charles Adam Steven Richard Kevin Jacob Kevin Steven Zachary Nicholas Aaron Anthony Nicholas Robert Nicholas Anthony Tyler Jesus Justin Angel James Gabriel Alexander Ryan Brandon Alexander Joseph Adrian Adrian Andrew Christian
25 Juan Johnny Jerry Scott Joseph Joseph Brian Jerry Stephen Joseph Scott Joseph Matthew Joe Paul Paul Anthony Thomas Brandon Steven Mark Charles Andrew Anthony Anthony Steven Jacob Aaron Steven Kevin Nicholas Aaron Nicholas Christian Cody Anthony Anthony Jesus Ryan Tyler Ethan Zachary Alexander Alexander Kevin Brandon Adrian Nathan Jesus Nathan Nathan Sebastian Sebastian
26 George Ricky Johnny Donald Larry Rodney Gregory Ronald Gregory Joe Joe Anthony Scott Chad Joe Chad Paul Timothy Anthony Timothy Aaron Mark Anthony Aaron Kevin Jeremy Richard Steven Cody Jeremy Steven Kevin Luis Aaron Christian Aaron Jesus Ryan Justin Austin Kevin James Kevin Nathan Diego Gabriel Nathan Adrian Adrian Luis Luis Nathan Gabriel
27 Randy Juan Anthony Anthony Martin Donald Jerry Gary Joseph Eric Joseph Joe Stephen Kenneth Chad Joshua Brandon Anthony Ryan Jeffrey Thomas Anthony Aaron Jeremy Jeremy Adam Aaron Brian Nicholas Zachary Kevin Tyler Eric Austin Anthony Jesus Luis Robert Robert Robert Carlos Ryan Gabriel James Nicholas James Kevin Gabriel Diego Kevin John Isaac Isaac
28 Billy Billy Juan Terry Donald Juan Joseph Gregory Jerry Timothy Gregory Timothy Kenneth Scott Jesus Brandon Thomas Brandon Thomas Nicholas Steven Kevin Mark Charles Charles Aaron Brian Richard Richard Richard Jesus Steven Jesus Luis Luis Luis Aaron Aaron Aaron Carlos Tyler Dylan Nathan Nicholas Carlos Kevin James Carlos Brandon John Julian Joseph Joseph
29 Johnny Stephen Ricky Timothy Anthony Edward Stephen Scott Ronald Ronald Timothy Matthew Chad Stephen Timothy Joe Ryan Justin Jeffrey Aaron Anthony Adam Kevin Thomas Aaron Jacob Thomas Cody Thomas Cody Tyler Jesus Kevin Eric Jesus Eric Kevin Jordan Jordan Dylan Robert Justin Ryan Carlos James Adrian Ryan Brandon John Diego Jesus Julian James
30 Timothy Jeffrey Jimmy Joseph Juan Ronald Donald Joseph Gary Gregory Ronald Gregory Timothy Timothy Stephen Timothy Chad Paul Aaron Anthony Timothy Andrew Thomas Mark Thomas Thomas Nicholas Nicholas Jason Thomas Luis Luis Alexander Jesus Eric Cody Eric Samuel Carlos Noah Angel Samuel Zachary Dylan Gabriel Carlos Gabriel Aiden James Isaac Sebastian Jesus Julian
31 Stephen Timothy Terry Billy Edward Larry Rodney Donald Eric Gary Jerry Patrick Gregory Jesus Kenneth Stephen Jesus Joe Jonathan Jonathan Andrew Thomas Adam Kevin Stephen Stephen Adam Thomas Brian Stephen Jordan Jordan Christian Kevin Alexander Alexander Samuel Kevin Samuel Alexander Dylan Nathan Caleb Adrian Adrian Samuel Carlos Kevin Carlos Carlos Diego Aaron Benjamin
32 Jimmy Jimmy Timothy Johnny Stephen Scott Scott Larry Patrick Jerry Edward Edward Jesus Carlos Carlos Jesus Stephen Andrew Nicholas Adam Jeffrey Timothy Timothy Stephen Jacob Nicholas Kyle Kyle Zachary Kyle Richard Thomas Steven Alexander Kevin Kevin Alexander Alexander Alexander Kevin Austin Gabriel Dylan Samuel Dylan Nicholas Bryan Isaac Isaac Samuel James Samuel Caleb
33 Gregory George Edward Stephen Johnny Stephen Larry Patrick Edward Patrick Patrick Jesus Patrick Gregory Scott Carlos Justin Jonathan Andrew Andrew Jesus Jesus Dustin Jacob Mark Mark Stephen Timothy Mark Adam Kyle Richard Austin Jordan Jordan Carlos Carlos Eric Kevin Samuel Samuel Alexander Samuel Caleb Bryan Bryan Nicholas James Kevin Elijah Isaac Benjamin Samuel
34 Anthony Anthony Stephen Edward Billy Martin Edward Johnny Donald Larry Larry Jerry Bryan Bryan Brandon Scott Joe Aaron Paul Thomas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Nicholas Charles Charles Mark Adam Jesus Thomas Kyle Dylan Carlos Samuel Samuel Jordan Carlos Adrian Cameron Alexander Robert Bryan Diego Caleb Noah Isaiah Aaron Elijah Caleb Caleb John Adrian
35 Bobby Randy Billy Bobby Jimmy Brian Billy Edward Larry Edward Gary Chad Carlos Jeremy Gregory Jonathan Jonathan Chad Stephen Jesus Adam Dustin Jeffrey Timothy Timothy Cody Cody Charles Travis Benjamin Jeremy Carlos Jordan Steven Carlos Jordan Cody Dylan Dylan Aaron Nathan Tyler Austin Bryan Samuel Dylan Samuel Ryan Samuel James Samuel Luis Aaron
36 Mike Mike Joseph Jimmy Christopher Jimmy Jimmy Eric George Donald Johnny Larry Jerry Billy Shawn Kenneth Scott Stephen Joe Paul Paul Stephen Stephen Jeffrey Dustin Timothy Mark Stephen Kyle Travis Travis Alexander Carlos Samuel Steven Dylan Dylan Miguel Cameron Nathan Cameron Adrian Robert Tyler Isaac Isaiah Sebastian Samuel Julian Isaiah Mason James John
37 Danny Bobby George Martin Patrick Johnny Patrick Rodney Billy Matthew Matthew Johnny Edward Shawn Luis Gregory Aaron Carlos Chad Carlos Stephen Jeffrey Jacob Dustin Cody Dustin Timothy Adam Charles Brian Stephen Jeremy Richard Miguel Kyle Kyle Miguel Nathan Eric Jordan Aaron Caleb Justin Zachary Isaiah Isaac Aiden Caleb Aaron Julian Logan Caleb Luke
38 Joseph Danny Randy George Terry Billy Johnny Jimmy Jimmy Jesus Donald Ronald Billy Brandon Edward Ryan Kenneth Kenneth Jesus Stephen Benjamin Jacob Benjamin Jesus Jeffrey Kyle Dustin Benjamin Stephen Charles Mark Charles Thomas Kyle Thomas Miguel Jorge Cody Miguel Adrian Alejandro Aaron Adrian Justin Aaron Caleb Caleb Sebastian Ryan Brandon Dylan Isaiah Dylan
39 Jeffrey Edward Mike Ricky Bobby George George Keith Johnny George Billy Billy Larry Patrick Bryan Aaron Carlos Jesus Kenneth Joe Dustin Paul Jesus Benjamin Benjamin Jesus Luis Dustin Timothy Mark Samuel Stephen Samuel Thomas Dylan Jason Thomas Alejandro Noah Eric Noah Austin Aaron Robert Robert Robert Isaac Nicholas Caleb Aaron Brandon Ryan Isaiah
40 Edward Joseph Danny Randy George Eric Keith Billy Jesus Johnny Jesus Carlos Gary Jonathan Joshua Justin Andrew Bryan Adam Chad Jacob Benjamin Paul Paul Jesus Jeffrey Benjamin Travis Benjamin Timothy Benjamin Samuel Kyle Richard Adrian Benjamin Benjamin Jorge Alejandro Ethan Caleb Isaac Tyler Isaac Benjamin Julian Miguel Isaiah Isaiah Sebastian Isaiah Brandon Ryan
41 Roy Scott Bobby Danny Brian Terry Eric George Rodney Billy George Shawn George Jerry Aaron Andrew Benjamin Adam Carlos Kenneth Kenneth Carlos Carlos Kyle Kyle Benjamin Zachary Zachary Luis Luis Timothy Mark Mark Dylan Richard Jorge Adrian Adrian Nathan Angel Adrian Miguel Alejandro Aaron Noah Aaron Dylan Elijah Sebastian Dylan Benjamin Diego Jesus
42 Tony Tony Douglas Brian Randy Patrick Terry Terry Matthew Jimmy Carlos Donald Johnny Edward Patrick Bryan Gregory Benjamin Bryan Patrick Luis Kenneth Jesse Bryan Paul Paul Jesus Jesus Samuel Tyler Alexander Benjamin Miguel Jorge Miguel Thomas Kyle Benjamin Ethan Alejandro Bryan Alejandro Miguel Isaiah Alejandro Tyler Julian Bryan Benjamin Logan Carlos Dylan Luis
43 Steve Douglas Tony Christopher Ricky Bobby Jesus Jesus Keith Todd Jimmy George Ronald Johnny Jonathan Shawn Bryan Nathan Scott Scott Carlos Luis Kenneth Travis Travis Zachary Jeffrey Jeffrey Jesus Samuel Brian Austin Taylor Mark Nathan Alejandro Alejandro Kyle Jorge Miguel Hunter Noah Isaiah Benjamin Tyler Benjamin Aaron Dylan Nicholas Benjamin Kevin Luke Jordan
44 Raymond Steve Brian Keith Danny Ricky Martin Randy Jason Rodney Bryan Gary Ricardo Larry Ricardo Benjamin Shawn Gabriel Nathan Benjamin Joe Jesse Cody Cody Patrick Luis Paul Samuel Carlos Carlos Charles Travis Adrian Adrian Benjamin Steven Jason Thomas Gabriel Caleb Eric Bryan Isaac Alejandro Elijah Miguel Elijah Julian Jackson Ryan Aaron Jordan Carlos
45 Dennis Christopher Christopher Mike Tony Keith Bobby Bobby Carlos Bryan Keith Bryan Shawn Ruben Andrew Patrick Adam Scott Patrick Jacob Jesse Nathan Joe Carlos Bryan Carlos Travis Luis Patrick Patrick Carlos Christian Charles Charles Jeremy Richard Caleb Angel Jason Hunter Miguel Jason Jason Miguel Zachary Alejandro Logan Miguel Dylan Jackson Ryan Liam Brandon
46 Frank Raymond Steve Tony Mike Randy Randy Troy Terry Carlos Andrew Jimmy Donald Donald Roberto Roberto Gabriel Patrick Benjamin Nathan Nathan Travis Travis Jesse Luis Patrick Carlos Paul Paul Jason Austin Patrick Jeremy Jeremy Alejandro Adrian Cameron Mark Mark Jason Isaiah Eric Benjamin Eric Justin Elijah Alejandro Jackson Bryan Luke Jordan Carlos Jackson
47 Douglas Brian Ruben Patrick Raymond Tony Raymond Tony Todd Keith Rodney Keith Keith George Ruben Luis Edward Shawn Jacob Luis Chad Patrick Patrick Nathan Carlos Sean Patrick Bryan Nathan Dustin Adam Adrian Stephen Taylor Jorge Nathan Nathan Gabriel Benjamin Isaac Benjamin Benjamin Jordan Jorge Jorge Luke Luke Logan Jordan Jeremiah Luke Jackson Jeremiah
48 Scott Dennis Tommy Douglas Douglas Danny Danny Martin Bobby Ricardo Troy Ricardo Ruben Luis Billy Ruben Nathan Samuel Jesse Bryan Patrick Joe Luis Luis Zachary Travis Samuel Patrick Dustin Nathan Nathan Timothy Travis Benjamin Victor Mark Hunter Cameron Angel Gabriel Jason Cameron Noah Austin Miguel Logan Robert Jordan Logan Jordan Jeremiah Jeremiah Logan
49 Ruben Roger Roy Russell Ruben Frank Tony Victor Raymond Troy Bobby Chris Brandon Aaron Larry Edward Billy Luis Samuel Travis Samuel Bryan Chad Kenneth Jesse Bryan Bryan Carlos Adrian Alexander Patrick Miguel Benjamin Alejandro Mark Gabriel Mark Hunter Hunter Thomas Isaac Isaiah Jorge Jason Jason Zachary Jordan Luke Luke Nicholas Jackson Logan Gael
50 Brian Roy Russell Tommy Keith Raymond Ruben Carlos Bryan Craig Ricardo Marcus Jimmy Marcus Jerry Ricardo Samuel Gregory Gabriel Samuel Bryan Samuel Nathan Patrick Kenneth Nathan Jesse Nathan Alexander Austin Adrian Taylor Nathan Adam Eduardo Eduardo Steven Jason Caleb Isaiah Gabriel Logan Sebastian Victor Logan Sebastian Tyler Robert Gavin Miguel Landon Kevin Santiago
51 Tommy Keith Victor Frank Frank Victor Frank Todd Troy Terry Marcus Ruben Jonathan Gary George Billy Jesse Jesse Shawn Jesse Scott Jorge Bryan Samuel Nathan Kenneth Nathan Jesse Jeffrey Paul Dustin Brian Jorge Brian Jesse Victor Gabriel Caleb Thomas Jorge Jordan Jordan Eric Elijah Julian Justin Jayden Alejandro Alejandro Evan Santiago Santiago Ian
52 Victor Frank Roger Roy Ricardo Jesus Carlos Jeffery Douglas Bobby Frank Andrew Luis Ricardo Ryan Larry Larry Jacob Adrian Gabriel Ricardo Chad Samuel Adrian Samuel Jesse Sean Alexander Sean Adrian Taylor Victor Patrick Cameron Charles Jeremy Richard Oscar Kyle Mark Jorge Sebastian Cameron Noah Jordan Jayden Benjamin Benjamin Miguel Bryan Alejandro Landon Eli
53 Russell Russell Raymond Steve Jesus Russell Troy Danny Martin Frank Craig Rodney Roberto Andrew Jesse Marcus Roberto Larry Ricardo Jorge Travis Gabriel Gregory Joe Marcus Adrian Adrian Jordan Tyler Jordan Victor Adam Timothy Victor Hunter Jesse Victor Steven Cody Victor Sebastian Jorge Logan Julian Luke Jordan Jackson Gavin Robert Alejandro Evan Eli Ayden
54 Keith Tommy Jesse Raymond Roy Ricardo Jeffery Frank Frank Ruben Ruben Troy Andrew Ronald Justin Jerry Patrick Edward Edward Bradley Adrian Scott Scott Marcus Joe Samuel Joe Adrian Austin Jeffrey Jason Jorge Brian Ricardo Adam Adam Ricardo Isaac Victor Benjamin Thomas Hunter Julian Jordan Eric Jackson Jorge Tyler Justin Santiago Miguel Ayden Kevin
55 Roger Ruben Frank Ruben Russell Jesse Jesse Raymond Jesse Jesse Shawn Roberto Jeremy Mario Johnny Victor Ruben George Ruben Ricardo Edward Ricardo Adrian Chad Victor Joe Kenneth Sean Jesse Jesse Miguel Jesse Victor Nathan Gabriel Hunter Eduardo Alexis Ricardo Bryan Eduardo Julian Hunter Logan Alexis Jorge Austin Mason Jeremiah Landon Justin Miguel Diego
56 Jesse Carlos Dennis Jesse Jesse Darrell Roy Ruben Ricardo Andrew Jeffery Terry Marcus Rodney Victor Samuel Luis Roberto Roberto Edward Roberto Roberto Bradley Sean Gregory Marcus Alexander Kenneth Jordan Jorge Paul Nathan Cameron Travis Stephen Charles Oscar Richard Isaac Kyle Julian Victor Diego Cameron Austin Mason Aidan Jason Jason Justin Brayden Brayden Landon
57 Christopher Jesse Keith Ricardo Carlos Douglas Manuel Matthew Ruben Douglas Raymond Bobby Manuel Roberto Donald Gary Johnny Billy Gregory Billy Bradley Cody Ricardo Gabriel Adrian Jorge Jordan Tyler Bryan Bryan Jorge Cameron Jesse Timothy Ricardo Brian Jesse Francisco Bryan Richard Mark Thomas Elijah Thomas Victor Jason Zachary Victor Landon Gavin Robert Ian Damian
58 Carlos Carl Ricardo Victor Victor Ruben Victor Jesse Tony Raymond Terry Jesse Gabriel Victor Jimmy Gabriel Jerry Bradley Luis Roberto Jorge Edward Sean Zachary Sean Victor Marcus Joe Kenneth Kenneth Jesse Jason Adam Jesse Jason Ricardo Brian Victor Isaiah Ricardo Victor Eduardo Victor Sebastian Eduardo Austin Justin Jorge Evan Robert Liam Justin Jaxon
59 Ronnie Victor Carlos Darrell Eric Mike Bryan Bryan Roberto Russell Bradley Jeffery Jesse Jorge Ronald Mario George Ruben George Adrian Gabriel Marcus Miguel Scott Ricardo Gregory Scott Victor Jorge Victor Cameron Ricardo Jason Stephen Brian Angel Charles Ricardo Oscar Oscar Logan Mason Eduardo Luke Jackson Victor Victor Justin Mason Mason Nicholas Alejandro Austin
60 Ricardo Ronnie Jesus Carl Rodney Carlos Ricky Ricky Ricky Victor Russell Victor Raul Ryan Gabriel Jesse Adrian Gary Larry Mario Gregory Billy Kyle Edward Gabriel Ricardo Tyler Derek Ricardo Taylor Sean Dylan Alejandro Patrick Cameron Cameron Angel Brian Steven Steven Mason Ricardo Mason Eduardo Sebastian Aiden Jason Zachary Tyler Eduardo Bryan Nicholas Levi
61 Eddie Ricardo Darrell Todd Darrell Jeffery Andrew Roberto Andrew Danny Lance Luis Victor Jimmy Mario George Bradley Adrian Mario Gregory Cody Adrian Marcus Ricardo Bradley Scott Gregory Jorge Victor Jared Jeffrey Francisco Ricardo Eduardo Oscar Caleb Bryan Bryan Richard Seth Ricardo Oscar Jackson Jackson Cameron Eduardo Gavin Austin Jorge Jason Gavin Robert Wyatt
62 Manuel Eddie Bruce Eric Jeffery Roy Douglas Douglas Manuel Tony Todd Mario Sean Jesse Manuel Johnny Ricardo Johnny Billy Marcus Billy Miguel Roberto Miguel Scott Bradley Victor Scott Joe Sean Christian Sean Sean Sean Taylor Francisco Cristian Ethan Jesse Logan Seth Elijah Thomas Oscar Ricardo Eric Mason Evan Eduardo Brayden Eli Evan Josiah
63 Craig Manuel Curtis Jesus Steve Chris Ricardo Ricardo Randy Chris Douglas Manuel Bobby Samuel Samuel Manuel Victor Wesley Cody Cody Ruben Victor Gabriel Roberto Edward Miguel Ricardo Gregory Marcus Miguel Infant Dustin Eduardo Francisco Garrett Timothy Adam Eduardo Francisco Eduardo Cody Francisco Ricardo Mason Thomas Aidan Landon Xavier Brayden Tyler Jason Austin Robert
64 Carl Chris Ronnie Andrew Manuel Roger Todd Darrell Jeffery Manuel Tony Sean Raymond Manuel Francisco Jorge Manuel Ricardo Travis George Mario Bradley Jared Bradley Chad Joel Bradley Jared Corey Ricardo Bryan Joe Gabriel Oscar Dustin Oscar Francisco Adam Charles Francisco Oscar Luke Luke Ricardo Aidan Jeremiah Xavier Jeremiah Zachary Victor Tyler Gavin Jason
65 Darrell Darrell Troy Roger Troy Samuel Roger Roy Craig Roberto Luis Craig Samuel Sean Marcus Donald Marcus Marcus Johnny Ruben George Mario Victor Derek Roberto Tyler Miguel Miguel Francisco Joe Ricardo Bryan Dustin Gabriel Francisco Patrick Javier Charles Adam Mason Francisco Mark Oscar Xavier Mason Nathaniel Evan Landon Xavier Xavier Austin Axel Lucas
66 Bruce Craig Jeffery Carlos Tommy Andrew Roberto Manuel Roy Jeffery Jesse Jonathan Frank Gabriel Gary Bobby Mario Travis Manuel Victor Marcus Ruben Jorge Gregory Derek Edward Jorge Marcus Cameron Cameron Francisco Gabriel Francisco Jason Patrick Mario Garrett Jesse Antonio Adam Brian Seth Xavier Aidan Evan Evan Jeremiah Aidan Austin Jorge Xavier Levi Brayden
67 Jesus Patrick Manuel Manuel Andrew Todd Darrell Chris Russell Martin Chris Samuel Aaron Joshua Jorge Bradley Raul Jimmy Jorge Shawn Larry George Manuel Ruben Jared Gabriel Edward Mario Miguel Francisco Joe Alejandro Paul Dustin Timothy Garrett Tristan Antonio Brian Brian Kyle Nathaniel Nathaniel Hunter Hunter Oscar Eric Eric Victor Ian Victor Josiah Evan
68 Albert Curtis Jeff Curtis Roger Troy Mike Samuel Danny Bradley Manuel Frank Jeffery Justin Adam Francisco Antonio Jerry Marcus Dustin Victor Gregory Ruben Jorge Miguel Chad Gabriel Austin Derek Derek Kenneth Paul Oscar Roberto Caleb Blake Isaac Logan Javier Cody Garrett Brian Antonio Nathaniel Ivan Cameron Eduardo Ricardo Eric Zachary Ian Jason Miguel
69 Patrick Jesus Patrick Dennis Roberto Manuel Tommy Andrew Samuel Mario Roberto Aaron Chris Javier Benjamin Nathan Joel Mario Victor Larry Antonio Joel Edward Victor Jorge Jared Jared Francisco Scott Mario Roberto Edward Joe Alex Angel Colton Jeremy Isaiah Garrett Nathaniel Steven Javier Brian Francisco Oscar Gavin Cameron Eduardo Oscar Ayden Ayden Wyatt Nicholas
70 Raul Bruce Eddie Bruce Henry Albert Craig Javier Victor Rene Sean Raymond Rodney Francisco Keith Adam Jorge Victor Francisco Johnny Raul Manuel Francisco Jared Francisco Alexander Roberto Gabriel Roberto Eduardo Jared Blake Bryan Paul Travis Stephen Colton Javier Logan Alexis Richard Alexis Seth Adam Xavier Thomas Oscar Oscar Aidan Austin Eduardo Ivan Alejandro
71 Curtis Jeff Henry Chris Todd Tommy Samuel Roger Chris Luis Chad Raul Mario Keith Rodney Adrian Gary Jorge Miguel Manuel Shawn Jared Oscar Joel Ruben Roberto Francisco Cory Jared Edward Alejandro Oscar Mario Caleb Marcus Travis Timothy Noah Nathaniel Antonio Adam Jackson Alex Gavin Nathaniel Ricardo Hayden Adam Ricardo Damian Josiah Bryan Leonardo
72 Rodney Alan Carl Jeff Curtis Craig Chris Tommy Darrell Randy Victor Brandon Francisco Raul Antonio Raul Francisco Corey Gary Miguel Joel Kyle George Mario Manuel Francisco Joel Ricardo Mario Roberto Mario Kenneth Manuel Mario Edgar Cristian Antonio Jeremy Eduardo Charles Antonio Xavier Mark Alexis Gavin Landon Nathaniel Joel Joel Joel Jorge Lucas Gavin
73 Chris Raul Roberto Troy Carl Matthew Javier Rene Raul Samuel Mario Russell Adrian Adam Raul Ronald Donald Donald Bradley Francisco Francisco Francisco Billy Johnny Joel Mario Chad Ruben Cory Marcus Blake Jeffrey Blake Blake Javier Javier Mario Blake Sean Alex Nathaniel Antonio Francisco Hayden Jeremiah Xavier Alex Jack Hunter Hunter Jack Tyler Mateo
74 Henry Henry Rodney Rodney Dennis Steve Russell Joel Sean Shawn Danny Jeremy Douglas Joel Adrian Joel Keith Cody Jerry Antonio Derek Raul Zachary Manuel Mario Jordan Mario Edward Taylor Manuel Ethan Roberto Caleb Angel Blake Taylor Patrick Timothy Alexis Garrett Charles Kyle Adam Charles Alex Francisco Hunter Cameron Tristan Eric Leonardo Hunter Carter
75 Randall Albert Chris Samuel Raul Roberto Joel Russell Tommy Antonio Samuel Todd Troy Raymond Joel Antonio Jimmy Manuel Donald Kyle Miguel Bobby Mario Francisco George Ruben Antonio Bradley Edward Corey Gabriel Eduardo Garrett Garrett Bryan Sergio Mason Colton Roberto Jesse Xavier Cody Kyle Alex Francisco Hunter Thomas Hayden Ian Ricardo Lucas Xavier Justin
76 Gilbert Samuel Eric Jeffery Jeff Raul Matthew Jason Antonio Sean Rene Danny Todd Adrian Sean Phillip Corey Joel Joel Phillip Johnny Sean Phillip Phillip Antonio Javier Derek Corey Joel Gregory Javier Javier Alex Bryan Roberto Dustin Logan Manuel Jared Julian Alexis Diego Steven Connor Connor Hector Ricardo Hunter Santiago Jack Zachary Jorge Xavier
77 Roberto Randall Samuel Eddie Eddie Bryan Raul Luis Rene Lance Roy Bradley Antonio Danny Bobby Javier Miguel Phillip Phillip Donald Phillip Johnny Bobby Shawn Johnny Manuel Manuel Roberto Gabriel Scott Derek Jared Javier Antonio Cristian Roberto Edgar Mario Jeremy Roberto Javier Jared Cody Ivan Jayden Hayden Alexis Jaden Hayden Oscar Wyatt Leonardo Nathaniel
78 Ray Phillip Todd Ronnie Samuel Curtis Ronnie Craig Joel Ricky Raul Douglas Adam Bobby Miguel Keith Oscar Miguel Dustin Derrick Jimmy Larry Derek George Tyler Derek Phillip Phillip Ruben Ruben Oscar Antonio Angel Joe Joe Alex Stephen Roberto Colton Javier Elijah Richard Cristian Cristian Adam Ian Hector Alex Thomas Tristan Damian Zachary Dominic
79 Phillip Roberto Craig Henry Chris Carl Henry Curtis Mario Roy Joel Rene Roy Antonio Javier Jimmy Jaime Keith Bobby Bobby Bobby Gary Antonio Billy Shawn George Austin Joel Bradley Javier Antonio Manuel Edward Javier Mario Isaac Isaiah Patrick Chase Blake Jared Charles Charles Evan Aiden Alexis Ivan Brayden Jack Josiah Tristan Damian Hunter
80 Oscar Eric Glenn Phillip Alan Ronnie Eddie Gerald Luis Darrell Martin Joel Ryan Miguel Oscar Miguel Sean Antonio Derrick Gary Kyle Donald Johnny Donald Oscar Oscar Corey Antonio Gregory Oscar Alex Mario Martin Jared Antonio Edgar Manuel Garrett Timothy Jared Mario Sergio Roberto Brian Antonio Adam Alan Thomas Cameron Adam Eric Nathaniel Cameron
81 Willie Gilbert Martin Roberto Albert Dennis Steve Raul Oscar Joel Javier Roy Terry Shane Bradley Alejandro Ronald Jaime Jimmy Erik Donald Antonio Shawn Oscar Phillip Shawn Casey Manuel Oscar Christian Edward Marcus Kenneth Hunter Manuel Jared Chase Mason Julian Joel Diego Steven Jeremiah Javier Cesar Jack Fernando Javier Nathaniel Lucas Nathaniel Jaxon Jorge
82 Mario Oscar Raul Raul Bryan Darren Dennis Steve Steve Roger Jonathan Martin Jorge Jaime Danny Oscar Bobby Bobby Wesley Joel Javier Javier Jerry Javier Billy Blake Javier Martin Martin Martin Ruben Ruben Jeffrey Edward Sergio Bryan Alex Alex Alex Timothy Fernando Adam Richard Jeremiah Javier Alan Joel Ian Leonardo Wyatt Hunter Carter Adam
83 Arthur Arthur Randall Albert Ronnie Rene Curtis Dennis Roger Javier Randy Gabriel Oscar Jeffery Rene Hector Cody Francisco Raul Jimmy Manuel Oscar Joel Antonio Bobby Antonio Shawn Chad Alex Phillip Gregory Corey Roberto Kenneth Sean Antonio Roberto Jared Mason Mario Cesar Alex Alexis Edgar Alan Joel Charles Francisco Ayden Cameron Levi Eduardo Bryan
84 Joel Jeffery Albert Randall Gilbert Eddie Luis Oscar Mike Francisco Tommy Javier Rene Terry Jaime Sean Jacob Sean Antonio Jerry Oscar Raymond Hector Bobby Alexander Casey Raul Javier Manuel Alejandro Manuel Martin Dillon Manuel Joel Mason Blake Stephen Mario Hector Alex Edgar Javier Jesse Cristian Alex Jack Nathaniel Damian Nathaniel Oscar Victor Charles
85 Alan Rodney Andrew Bryan Oscar Oscar Gilbert Mario Albert Albert Antonio Tony Javier Benjamin Hector Jacob Travis Javier Keith Jaime Gary Shawn Raul Raul Jordan Phillip Cory Oscar Phillip Joel Eduardo Angel Antonio Marcus Alex Dakota Hector Fernando Cristian Elijah Blake Jesse Jesse Alan Brian Antonio Tristan Andres Lucas Leonardo Charles Tristan Victor
86 Jack Martin Mario Gilbert Bruce Hector Mario Albert Carl Tommy Albert Francisco Craig Phillip Frank Raymond Randy Raymond Javier Raul Erik Phillip Donald Jerry Javier Raymond Ruben Alex Javier Bradley Marcus Hector Joel Colton Paul Manuel Travis Tristan Blake Sean Ivan Ivan Connor Antonio Jesse Charles Cesar Damian Adam Fernando Joel Henry Zachary
87 Jeffery Andrew Bryan Gerald Luis Henry Oscar Eddie Gilbert Curtis Aaron Antonio Randy Frank Raymond Randy Javier Raul Frank Raymond Jaime Jaime Jaime Gary Blake Martin Oscar Edgar Hector George Corey Garrett Trevor Sergio Colton Alexis Sergio Sergio Patrick Andres Luke Connor Ivan Seth Edgar Connor Edgar Ivan Javier Charles Connor Jack Tyler
88 Samuel Gerald Alan Willie Rene Gilbert Antonio Henry Shawn Dennis Brent Randy Joel Hector Martin Jeffery Raymond Ronald Oscar Hector Derrick Zachary Gary Martin Raul Johnny Martin Raul Antonio Antonio Scott Alex Jared Joel Hector Logan Ethan Chase Marco Fernando Jackson Andres Joel Fernando Seth Ivan Francisco Fernando Hector Ivan Colton Adam Axel
89 Jay Ray Barry Barry Randall Luis Carl Gilbert Curtis Oscar Francisco Adam Hector Oscar Shane Shane Phillip Jeffery Ronald Javier Wesley Jerry Wesley Raymond Hector Bobby Raymond Casey Chad Gabriel Martin Ethan Edgar Andres Ruben Hector Jared Sean Connor Cristian Joel Roberto Fernando Mark Ian Javier Javier Tristan Alan Hayden Cooper Connor Henry
90 Eric Luis Luis Mario Gerald Phillip Randall Tracy Javier Raul Darrell Oscar Jaime Craig Derrick Travis Hector Oscar Kyle Keith Jerry Randy Larry Jimmy Martin Corey Blake Hector Sergio Blake Hector Trevor Hector Hector Isaac Sean Taylor Marco Joel Diego Marco Garrett Hector Cesar Fernando Jesse Antonio Leonardo Connor Aidan Ivan Andres Jack
91 Gerald Mario Gerald Craig Phillip Mario Albert Shawn Phillip Miguel Gilbert Adrian Russell Bradley Jeffery Jaime Eduardo Derrick Corey Wesley Hector Frank Javier Larry Larry Raul Hector Alejandro Blake Cory Chase Edgar Ruben Dillon Trevor Raul Ruben Marcus Manuel Xavier Jesse Alan Blake Joel Ashton Fernando Andres Antonio Fernando Carter Adam Thomas Ivan
92 Andrew Barry Ray Greg Mario Gerald Phillip Antonio Darren Darren Dennis Jaime Danny Chris Phillip Derrick Armando Cory Sean Frank Sean Derek Casey Casey Wesley Wesley George Blake Casey Hector Bradley Raul Colton Martin Erik Joe Sean Nathaniel Andres Connor Sean Blake Manuel Jayden Hector Andres Damian Alan Francisco Thomas Carter Cooper Thomas
93 Hector Jack Phillip Oscar Craig Randall Armando Darren Ronnie Corey Roger Shane Bradley Troy Randy Rene Derrick Shane Jaime Ronald Alejandro Alejandro Alejandro Jordan Donald Jaime Alex Wesley George Alex Sergio Gregory Sergio Trevor Martin Paul Marco Cristian Tristan Sergio Sergio Cristian Gavin Hector Steven Brian Jesse Charles Josiah Connor Cameron Colton Colton
94 Bryan Greg Hector Luis Jay Antonio Willie Mike Eddie Hector Jaime Albert Justin Rene Nathan Russell Shane Dustin Jeffery Russell Raymond Jimmy Keith Randy Raymond Hector Johnny George Edgar Chase Joel Caleb Isaac Edgar Kenneth Cesar Dakota Travis Edgar Patrick Edgar Fernando Cesar Roberto Hayden Manuel Sean Hector Jaden Francisco Fernando Cameron Eduardo
95 Martin Joel Oscar Hector Joel Joel Jason Randall Bradley Gilbert Ricky Jorge Albert Russell Douglas Danny Frank Frank Raymond Randy Keith Ronald Randy Keith Casey Alejandro Alejandro Raymond Chase Raul Edgar Joel Raul Jeffrey Raul Ruben Marcus Hector Ivan Edgar Andres Joel Sergio Steven Joel Edgar Adam Edgar Alex Alex Thomas Dominic Grayson
96 Antonio Bryan Willie Alan Hector Darryl Rene Carl Hector Ronnie Hector Ricky Martin Todd Terry Frank Russell Danny Randy Oscar Ronald Keith Raymond Hector Jimmy Pedro Pedro Pedro Raul Edgar George Derek Fernando Ruben Omar Devin Joel Xavier Xavier Luke Colton Cesar Edgar Blake Devin Mario Brian Connor Ivan Levi Antonio Joel Hudson
97 Luis Willie Gilbert Joel Arthur Jeff Tracy Phillip Randall Randall Shane Derrick Armando Douglas Pedro Roy Alejandro Russell Casey Sean Zachary Hector Fernando Blake Jaime Billy Bobby Sergio Jaime Sergio Raul Fernando Marcus Omar Edward Marcus Paul Edward Devin Ivan Manuel Manuel Mario Richard Roberto Cristian Ian Jesse Charles Javier Ricardo Charles Jace
98 Don Troy Rene Jay Willie Ray Darren Ronnie Dennis Jonathan Kyle Tommy Miguel Nathan Armando Douglas Terry Randy Shaun Corey Jared Casey Martin Wesley Chase Chase Wesley Johnny Shawn Jaime Cory Colton Ethan Raul Fernando Trevor Dustin Edgar Stephen Gerardo Roberto Hector Andres Devin Jaden Cesar Cristian Cesar Cesar Jesse Alex Oscar Joel
99 Jeff Hector Darryl Walter Antonio Jaime Gerald Kelly Reginald Chad Curtis Hector Derrick Martin Craig Rodney Danny Rene Hector Jared Casey Armando Jimmy Ronald Keith Austin Randy Shawn Christian Johnny Garrett Scott Pedro Isaac Dakota Joel Andres Julian Cesar Jeremy Hector Ian Sean Andres Mario Roberto Caden Cristian Cristian Edgar Jaxon Emmanuel Connor
100 Dale Jay Arthur Armando Barry Vincent Hector Hector Francisco Phillip Phillip Ronnie Tony Travis Travis Martin Rene Jeremiah Tony Casey Randy Derrick Derrick Jaime Clayton Randy Sergio Taylor Wesley Clayton Angel Pedro Chase Erik Jared Omar Omar Joel Joe Marco Connor Ruben Timothy Sean Sean Jaden Connor Caden Antonio Alan Henry Giovanni Cooper

Ranks of US female baby names for Texas.

1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
1 Mary Mary Mary Lisa Mary Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Ashley Ashley Jessica Jessica Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Emily Isabella Isabella Sophia Sophia
2 Cynthia Lisa Lisa Mary Lisa Mary Mary Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Lisa Melissa Melissa Maria Amy Amy Amy Melissa Melissa Amanda Amanda Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Ashley Ashley Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Jessica Emily Ashley Alexis Ashley Madison Madison Ashley Ashley Mia Mia Mia Isabella Emily Sophia Isabella Isabella
3 Maria Maria Cynthia Maria Maria Maria Kimberly Mary Maria Melissa Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Melissa Maria Melissa Melissa Jessica Jessica Melissa Jessica Amanda Amanda Ashley Ashley Jennifer Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda Sarah Sarah Sarah Emily Jessica Alexis Ashley Hannah Ashley Ashley Madison Madison Madison Ashley Isabella Abigail Mia Emma Emma Emma
4 Linda Cynthia Maria Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia Maria Maria Melissa Maria Maria Michelle Lisa Amy Melissa Maria Maria Amanda Amanda Jessica Melissa Melissa Crystal Amanda Amanda Amanda Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Brittany Brittany Brittany Sarah Taylor Samantha Emily Samantha Sarah Samantha Samantha Alexis Alexis Alyssa Emma Emma Ashley Isabella Madison Emma Emma Emily Mia Mia
5 Lisa Linda Sandra Sandra Sandra Kimberly Cynthia Cynthia Mary Michelle Melissa Lisa Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Angela Amy Amy Elizabeth Maria Stephanie Melissa Crystal Stephanie Stephanie Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Stephanie Stephanie Brittany Stephanie Taylor Samantha Sarah Alexis Sarah Hannah Madison Alyssa Alexis Alyssa Alyssa Emma Madison Abigail Madison Sophia Mia Emily Emily
6 Donna Sandra Linda Linda Patricia Karen Patricia Melissa Michelle Jennifer Michelle Maria Maria Kimberly Kimberly Angela Amanda Angela Angela Stephanie Elizabeth Crystal Stephanie Stephanie Crystal Sarah Stephanie Stephanie Brittany Jennifer Sarah Sarah Stephanie Samantha Stephanie Taylor Alexis Jennifer Victoria Victoria Samantha Hannah Hannah Abigail Abigail Abigail Emma Ashley Sophia Abigail Abigail Abigail Olivia
7 Sandra Patricia Karen Patricia Karen Patricia Sandra Michelle Laura Mary Angela Angela Amy Lisa Angela Kimberly Jessica Maria Stephanie Amy Crystal Elizabeth Sarah Melissa Sarah Crystal Crystal Brittany Stephanie Lauren Samantha Elizabeth Samantha Brittany Emily Victoria Victoria Samantha Hannah Alyssa Alyssa Samantha Samantha Alexis Samantha Samantha Abigail Sophia Mia Madison Ava Olivia Ava
8 Patricia Karen Patricia Karen Donna Sandra Karen Sandra Cynthia Cynthia Mary Amy Angela Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Michelle Elizabeth Christina Maria Stephanie Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Melissa Elizabeth Brittany Elizabeth Lauren Stephanie Lauren Samantha Elizabeth Amanda Amanda Stephanie Taylor Hannah Jessica Madison Brianna Victoria Abigail Hannah Hannah Natalie Natalie Emma Natalie Ava Olivia Ava Abigail
9 Karen Donna Donna Donna Linda Elizabeth Melissa Patricia Tammy Laura Laura Cynthia Stephanie Angela Lisa Elizabeth Kimberly Stephanie Elizabeth Angela Amy Amy Tiffany Elizabeth Elizabeth Melissa Elizabeth Lauren Elizabeth Samantha Jennifer Jennifer Lauren Elizabeth Brittany Elizabeth Stephanie Victoria Jennifer Sarah Jessica Abigail Brianna Samantha Alexis Alyssa Hannah Alyssa Ashley Olivia Madison Camila Sofia
10 Debra Brenda Susan Susan Kimberly Linda Elizabeth Elizabeth Sandra Angela Amy Mary Laura Veronica Elizabeth Heather Heather Heather Maria Christina Kimberly Maria Ashley Christina Heather Christina Amber Crystal Tiffany Elizabeth Elizabeth Lauren Jennifer Emily Jennifer Brittany Hannah Taylor Madison Jennifer Sarah Jessica Victoria Brianna Isabella Hannah Samantha Ava Ava Natalie Natalie Sofia Camila
11 Brenda Debra Brenda Tammy Laura Angela Laura Angela Patricia Sandra Cynthia Laura Cynthia Elizabeth Veronica Christina Stephanie Kimberly Michelle Michelle Christina Tiffany Amy Amber Amber Heather Lauren Amber Amber Amber Megan Megan Victoria Victoria Elizabeth Alexis Jennifer Madison Alyssa Jessica Victoria Brianna Jennifer Victoria Natalie Isabella Ava Elizabeth Samantha Ashley Chloe Madison Victoria
12 Susan Susan Debra Brenda Tammy Laura Michelle Laura Angela Patricia Tammy Stephanie Elizabeth Laura Monica Veronica Christina Michelle Kimberly Kimberly Sarah Amber Amber Tiffany Laura Amber Heather Melissa Samantha Megan Amber Amber Emily Jennifer Victoria Jennifer Elizabeth Alyssa Elizabeth Lauren Lauren Jennifer Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Brianna Alyssa Natalie Alyssa Elizabeth Elizabeth Victoria Elizabeth
13 Sharon Elizabeth Sharon Elizabeth Susan Donna Angela Tammy Jennifer Amy Elizabeth Patricia Mary Cynthia Rebecca Lisa Elizabeth Christina Heather Crystal Angela Kimberly Maria Heather Christina Laura Melissa Heather Crystal Crystal Courtney Victoria Taylor Lauren Lauren Amanda Madison Elizabeth Taylor Brianna Elizabeth Lauren Lauren Jennifer Brianna Elizabeth Brianna Hannah Elizabeth Samantha Addison Natalie Madison
14 Elizabeth Deborah Elizabeth Pamela Pamela Susan Donna Karen Elizabeth Tammy Sandra Elizabeth Patricia Mary Heather Amanda Monica Monica Monica Monica Tiffany Laura Kimberly Michelle Tiffany Lauren Laura Samantha Megan Tiffany Emily Shelby Megan Amber Alexis Lauren Brittany Lauren Lauren Elizabeth Abigail Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Alexis Victoria Samantha Brianna Chloe Camila Elizabeth Natalie
15 Deborah Sharon Teresa Teresa Elizabeth Tammy Tammy Stephanie Karen Elizabeth Patricia Sandra Rebecca Monica Laura Laura Laura Lisa Crystal Heather Michelle Michelle Christina Amy Lauren Brittany Christina Rachel Heather Melissa Laura Emily Amber Megan Jasmine Hannah Lauren Stephanie Brianna Taylor Jennifer Elizabeth Jessica Lauren Victoria Victoria Elizabeth Addison Olivia Addison Victoria Chloe Avery
16 Teresa Teresa Pamela Laura Teresa Teresa Linda Susan Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie Tammy Monica Rebecca Mary Monica Lisa Laura Lisa Lisa Laura Angela Michelle Laura Kimberly Megan Megan Megan Melissa Courtney Crystal Crystal Chelsea Maria Megan Maria Maria Brianna Stephanie Maria Taylor Maria Kayla Kayla Jasmine Sarah Sophia Brianna Addison Victoria Sofia Evelyn Zoe
17 Pamela Pamela Deborah Sharon Brenda Pamela Susan Donna Amy Karen Shannon Rebecca Sandra Patricia Cynthia Cynthia Veronica Veronica Laura Sarah Lisa Christina Laura Maria Vanessa Rachel Rachel Tiffany Rachel Laura Rachel Rachel Shelby Courtney Rachel Brianna Amanda Maria Abigail Jasmine Maria Destiny Emma Natalie Jennifer Jennifer Alexis Victoria Chloe Valeria Ashley Addison Genesis
18 Diana Laura Laura Debra Debra Rhonda Rebecca Teresa Rebecca Julie Tracy Monica Veronica Sandra Patricia Jessica Rebecca Misty Sarah Laura Heather Rebecca Angela Kimberly Amy Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Courtney Christina Maria Courtney Crystal Rachel Maria Selena Alyssa Brittany Jasmine Kayla Destiny Taylor Jasmine Isabella Kayla Lauren Alexa Olivia Victoria Alyssa Brianna Ashley Aubrey
19 Barbara Debbie Kimberly Kimberly Sharon Sharon Pamela Linda Susan Rebecca Julie Shannon Tammy Heather Sandra Mary Cynthia Rebecca Veronica Veronica Amber April Heather Vanessa Rachel Vanessa Tiffany Laura Vanessa Heather Melissa Kayla Rachel Jasmine Amber Megan Brianna Jasmine Maria Abigail Jasmine Jasmine Natalie Jessica Jessica Sophia Sarah Chloe Valeria Brianna Alyssa Zoe Evelyn
20 Laura Diana Tammy Deborah Deborah Melissa Teresa Pamela Pamela Shannon Rebecca Julie Julie Christina Christina Rebecca Misty Kelly Rebecca Amber Monica Monica Rebecca Rachel Michelle Amy Amy Christina Christina Emily Kayla Laura Maria Chelsea Hannah Kayla Kayla Amanda Kayla Stephanie Kayla Kayla Maria Mia Mia Ava Chloe Alexis Alexis Allison Samantha Kimberly Chloe
21 Debbie Sylvia Diana Diana Angela Brenda Deborah Jennifer Donna Susan Monica Veronica Christina Julie Misty Misty Mary Mary Mary Mary Veronica Heather Rachel Lauren Maria Tiffany Erica Amy Laura Rachel Victoria Melissa Kayla Kayla Kayla Amber Rachel Megan Amanda Destiny Jacqueline Stephanie Stephanie Maria Lauren Andrea Olivia Alexa Sarah Alexis Alexa Avery Allison
22 Kathy Barbara Barbara Lori Diana Deborah Rhonda Rebecca Teresa Teresa Karen Christina Shannon Tammy Jessica Patricia Jamie Crystal Kelly April April Lisa Monica Erica Megan Maria Maria Michelle Erica Kimberly Heather Maria Courtney Alyssa Kimberly Jasmine Jasmine Kayla Destiny Megan Stephanie Andrea Isabella Andrea Andrea Olivia Valeria Jocelyn Sofia Alexa Allison Aubrey Addison
23 Sylvia Tammy Debbie Sylvia Rhonda Rebecca Sharon Tina Tina Pamela Teresa Karen Heather Shannon Julie Julie Patricia Sarah Misty Rebecca Rebecca Veronica Vanessa Rebecca Nicole Erica Samantha Vanessa Kimberly Maria Michelle Michelle Rebecca Shelby Alyssa Kimberly Megan Abigail Brittany Amanda Andrea Natalie Mia Stephanie Maria Jasmine Andrea Sarah Alexa Camila Alexis Samantha Samantha
24 Cheryl Kathy Norma Rebecca Rebecca Debra Jennifer Rhonda Julie Tina Pamela Tracy Rachel Amanda Amanda Sandra Sandra Cynthia Amber Erica Mary Erica April Nicole Rebecca Michelle Vanessa Maria Michelle Vanessa Chelsea Chelsea Laura Rebecca Courtney Rachel Vanessa Vanessa Megan Andrea Natalie Leslie Destiny Jasmine Olivia Kayla Jasmine Sofia Andrea Sofia Valeria Genesis Zoey
25 Tammy Cheryl Sylvia Angela Norma Diana Brenda Amy Rhonda Donna Tina Tina Tina Rachel Shannon April Julie Jamie Cynthia Misty Erica Rachel Erica Angela Erica Nicole Michelle Emily Victoria Michelle Tiffany Rebecca Michelle Melissa Shelby Madison Amber Amber Vanessa Natalie Leslie Emma Taylor Olivia Stephanie Jessica Maria Andrea Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly Allison Aaliyah
26 Cindy Rebecca Kathy Norma Melissa Julie Diana Deborah Kelly Tracy Lori Susan Stacy Misty Tammy Rachel Sarah Rachel April Tiffany Rachel Ashley Veronica Monica Angela Rebecca Nicole Erica Emily Chelsea Rebecca Christina Melissa Alexis Rebecca Courtney Kimberly Alexandra Rachel Rachel Sydney Chloe Andrea Destiny Kimberly Chloe Lauren Kimberly Hannah Andrea Zoe Alyssa Hannah
27 Carol Nancy Cheryl Rhonda Sylvia Sylvia Tina Sharon Linda Linda Linda Linda Tracy Diana Rachel Brandy Shannon Julie Erica Rachel Misty Mary Mary Veronica Monica Samantha Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca Christina Taylor Kimberly Crystal Alexandra Alyssa Shelby Haley Amber Alexandra Megan Katherine Chloe Chloe Chloe Destiny Kimberly Valeria Camila Evelyn Avery Kaylee Harper
28 Rebecca Rhonda Rhonda Barbara Lori Norma Stephanie Julie Sharon Kelly Susan Lori Teresa Tonya April Tiffany Rachel Erica Brandy Cynthia Ashley Cynthia Nicole Erin Veronica Mary Whitney Danielle Amy Kayla Alyssa Jasmine Vanessa Hannah Laura Shelby Alexandra Kimberly Alexandra Kimberly Haley Megan Kimberly Taylor Grace Maria Kayla Hailey Hailey Sarah Evelyn Andrea Brooklyn
29 Gloria Cindy Lori Cheryl Julie Michelle Debra Brenda Tracy Monica Veronica Heather Nicole Jessica Tiffany Andrea Tiffany April Andrea Brandy Nicole Andrea Lisa Lisa Andrea Monica Emily Whitney Maria Victoria Kimberly Kimberly Jasmine Michelle Morgan Morgan Haley Rachel Morgan Vanessa Emma Kimberly Leslie Kimberly Destiny Evelyn Melanie Melanie Melanie Kaylee Hailey Brianna Kaylee
30 Nancy Carol Rebecca Cindy Cheryl Cheryl Julie Diana Deborah Deborah Deborah Teresa Susan Claudia Wendy Shannon April Patricia Rachel Andrea Cynthia Vanessa Lauren April Lindsey Emily Courtney Courtney Kayla Katherine Jasmine Alyssa Katherine Kimberly Brianna Rebecca Courtney Destiny Natalie Brittany Vanessa Sydney Alexandra Grace Hailey Grace Jennifer Evelyn Evelyn Hailey Andrea Alexa Alexa
31 Rhonda Norma Cindy Paula Barbara Stephanie Tracy Debra Lori Rhonda Donna Stacy Lori Teresa Diana Tammy Crystal Amber Tiffany Nicole Jamie Nicole Andrea Mary April Krystal Monica Nicole Nicole Jasmine Vanessa Vanessa Danielle Alexandra Vanessa Vanessa Rebecca Rebecca Sydney Leslie Amanda Kaitlyn Grace Leslie Sophia Hailey Hailey Destiny Genesis Genesis Khloe Zoey Brianna
32 Kimberly Kimberly Angela Tina Paula Tina Sylvia Tracy Diana Lori Rhonda Rachel Karen Wendy Lori Wendy Brandy Shannon Julie Kelly Kelly Brandy Cynthia Andrea Mary Angela Mary Victoria Katherine Erica Katherine Heather Hannah Vanessa Crystal Alexandra Abigail Shelby Katherine Jacqueline Kimberly Jacqueline Kaitlyn Sydney Alexandra Kimberly Destiny Maria Allison Avery Genesis Brooklyn Kimberly
33 Carolyn Lori Julie Debbie Tina Lori Lori Sylvia Debra Veronica Stacy Deborah Linda Stacy Claudia Sarah Kelly Sandra Patricia Jamie Erin Erin Erin Lindsey Brittany Veronica Sara Katherine Chelsea Amy Erica Katherine Andrea Andrea Michelle Haley Morgan Morgan Kimberly Kaitlyn Rachel Haley Olivia Daniela Leslie Stephanie Jessica Jasmine Avery Maria Kaylee Layla Layla
34 Janet Gloria Carol Kathy Nancy Barbara Norma Kelly Brenda Diana Kelly Diana Andrea Tracy Tina Claudia Andrea Andrea Jamie Patricia Andrea Sara Emily Megan Emily Andrea Katherine Monica Danielle Danielle Mary Tiffany Alyssa Kelsey Melissa Abigail Andrea Andrea Rebecca Sydney Kaitlyn Olivia Megan Hailey Taylor Alexa Alexandra Lauren Destiny Melanie Layla Hailey Ashley
35 Martha Terri Tina Melissa Carol Jennifer Barbara Norma Shannon Yolanda Christina Brenda Jessica Susan Erica Erica Erica Tiffany Sandra Julie Julie Brandi Courtney Emily Lisa Courtney Angela Sara Mary Nicole Taylor Andrea Christina Laura Danielle Melissa Katherine Melissa Andrea Katherine Anna Grace Katherine Alexandra Michelle Leslie Addison Kayla Jocelyn Jocelyn Nevaeh Nevaeh Alyssa
36 Norma Carolyn Gloria Nancy Jacqueline Tracy Cheryl Lori Monica Debra Heather Wendy Wendy Tina Kelly Stacy Amber Brandy Shannon Sandra Vanessa Misty Jamie Alicia Cynthia Jamie Lindsey Kayla Monica Mary Amy Hannah Kelsey Katherine Nicole Danielle Destiny Courtney Jordan Haley Morgan Alexandra Anna Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Alexandra Evelyn Avery Kayla Hannah Melanie Leah Andrea
37 Paula Julie Nancy Julie Michelle Kelly Nancy Cheryl Norma Norma Diana Pamela Diana April Tracy Kelly Nicole Nicole Nicole Brandi Brandy Lauren Lindsey Cynthia Courtney Lindsey Danielle Mary Whitney Andrea Nicole Kelsey Alexandra Haley Katherine Laura Melissa Katherine Haley Amber Alexandra Anna Daniela Michelle Daniela Taylor Avery Jennifer Maria Zoe Ella Hannah Melanie
38 Sherry Janet Sherry Kelly Gloria Nancy Kelly Monica Cheryl Brenda Rachel Nancy Brenda Nicole Brenda Tracy Leslie Erin Brandi Shannon Patricia Jamie Sara Jamie Danielle Danielle Veronica Krystal Kristen Alyssa Danielle Alexandra Morgan Danielle Andrea Andrea Michelle Jordan Leslie Morgan Savannah Rachel Sydney Vanessa Sydney Angelina Jocelyn Savannah Lauren Kayla Leah Valeria Hailey
39 Julie Carla Terri Carol Kathy Gloria Paula Nancy Yolanda Christina Sharon Kelly Donna Lori Tonya Lori Stacy Brandi Vanessa Erin Sara Emily Kristen Courtney Erin Sara Victoria Andrea Angela Sara Hannah Erica Tiffany Morgan Chelsea Crystal Jacqueline Natalie Shelby Savannah Grace Angela Haley Savannah Melanie Melanie Leslie Grace Taylor Layla Aaliyah Lily Lily
40 Terri Martha Connie Gloria Debbie Carol Amy Paula Veronica Sharon Wendy Norma Kelly Christine Sarah Brenda Claudia Christy Erin Vanessa Sandra Patricia Brandy Sara Katherine April Andrea Veronica Andrea Brittney Andrea Bianca Heather Nicole Haley Michelle Savannah Sydney Michelle Rebecca Katherine Isabella Vanessa Evelyn Trinity Avery Sofia Nevaeh Kaylee Ella Bella Aaliyah Ella
41 Connie Tina Martha Martha Martha Cindy Yolanda Barbara Paula Wendy Christine Yolanda Pamela Karen Karen Nicole Diana Carrie Leslie Leslie Courtney Courtney Kristin Kelly Alicia Erin Valerie Angela Sara Monica Kelsey Danielle Nicole Christina Christina Katherine Natalie Nicole Savannah Emma Michelle Savannah Michelle Sophia Evelyn Valeria Stephanie Stephanie Makayla Leah Jocelyn Ella Arianna
42 Rosa Paula Carolyn Robin Kelly Robin Carol Sherry Nancy Rachel Brenda Donna Tonya Andrea Andrea Diana Brandi Courtney Sara Ashley Brandi Kristin Kelly Katherine Samantha Katherine Krystal Lindsey Veronica Cassandra Monica Nicole Mary Tiffany Abigail Destiny Laura Savannah Kaitlyn Nicole Amber Amanda Hailey Katherine Avery Sofia Taylor Taylor Jasmine Gabriella Lily Melanie Nevaeh
43 Judy Angela Melissa Michelle Cindy Paula Monica Yolanda Sylvia Stacy Debra Rhonda Melanie Linda Christy Crystal Lori Leslie Ashley Courtney Shannon Julie Patricia Samantha Jamie Lisa April April Brittney Kristen Cassandra Sara Monica Heather Kelsey Mary Marissa Sabrina Esmeralda Michelle Chloe Vanessa Savannah Faith Angelina Alondra Grace Daniela Grace Nevaeh Hannah Sarah Leah
44 Diane Connie Robin Sherry Robin Amy Sheila Veronica Christine Nancy Yolanda Tonya Denise Kelly Brandy Christy Christy Sara Christy Sara Leslie Kelly Katherine Brandi Sara Valerie Jamie Chelsea April Kelsey Bianca Mary Sara Kassandra Madison Miranda Danielle Jacqueline Melissa Anna Olivia Hailey Angela Jacqueline Katherine Anna Savannah Vanessa Aubrey Destiny Arianna Audrey Audrey
45 Yolanda Yolanda Janet Connie Yolanda Yolanda Veronica Wendy Carol Christine Tonya Dawn Rhonda Melanie Christine Carrie Tammy Diana Emily Emily Lauren Sandra Brandi Kristen Natalie Cynthia Natalie Lisa Lindsey Veronica April Monica Erica Monica Tiffany Marissa Sabrina Marissa Briana Briana Rebecca Michelle Rachel Anna Vanessa Savannah Angelina Camila Ella Makayla Makayla Khloe Grace
46 Betty Robin Paula Terri Sherry Sherry Sherry Gloria Wendy Cheryl Dawn Christine Yolanda Tiffany Stacy Susan Sara Emily Diana Diana Kristin Leslie Natalie Valerie Kelly Kristen Erin Kristen Krystal Lindsey Jordan Amy Alexis Brianna Monica Allison Jordan Leslie Emma Jordan Hailey Morgan Faith Gabriela Anna Michelle Zoe Alexandra Jennifer Arianna Brooklyn Gabriella Sarah
47 Tina Judy Kelly Carolyn Terri Kathy Martha Andrea Barbara Sylvia Norma Andrea Norma Brenda Susan Karen Wendy Wendy Courtney Christy Erika Shannon Julie Brandy Brenda Natalie Cynthia Valerie Alyssa Angela Alexandra Morgan Haley Mary Marissa Jacqueline Kelsey Angelica Bailey Grace Nicole Jordan Evelyn Avery Faith Kaitlyn Katherine Jessica Nevaeh Taylor Lillian Grace Ximena
48 Janice Theresa Yolanda Janet Jennifer Martha Gloria Christine Stacy Paula Dana Sharon Christy Nancy Teresa Nancy Nancy Stacy Natalie Erika Kristen Katherine Leslie Natalie Brandi Victoria Lisa Cynthia Cynthia April Sara Anna Amy Erica Jacqueline Chelsea Karina Danielle Danielle Marissa Faith Amber Jacqueline Haley Alexa Daniela Natalia Katherine Audrey Brooklyn Kayla Arianna Lillian
49 Margaret Sherry Kim Yolanda Carolyn Anna Jacqueline Carol Christina Tonya Leslie Debra Claudia Norma Nicole Teresa Carrie Karen Katherine Alicia Emily Diana Misty Victoria Kristen Kelly Kristen Erin Anna Bianca Cynthia Ana Jordan Jordan Jordan Kelsey Crystal Briana Nicole Daniela Briana Ana Sophia Rachel Valeria Katherine Vanessa Kaylee Daniela Audrey Sarah Alexis Serenity
50 Robin Rosa Sheila Sheila Denise Sheila Leticia Martha Dana Dana Nancy Dana Dawn Brandy Linda Leslie Brenda Lori Lori Katherine Brenda Kristen Sandra Julie Valerie Brenda Brenda Jamie Lisa Whitney Veronica Cynthia Bianca Sara Mary Anna Leslie Monica Allison Allison Jordan Rebecca Morgan Melanie Jacqueline Trinity Michelle Audrey Zoe Grace Maria Maria Katherine
51 Kim Jacqueline Michelle Dana Tracy Jacqueline Cindy Cindy Robin Barbara Sylvia Tiffany Nancy Denise Leslie Amber Karen Vanessa Carrie Brenda Valerie Brenda Valerie Patricia Victoria Anna Kelly Kelly Natalie Anna Infant Veronica Veronica Marissa Allison Natalie Briana Miranda Olivia Julia Mariah Nicole Ana Trinity Savannah Kaylee Kaylee Angelina Vanessa Lauren Aubrey Jocelyn Valeria
52 Denise Denise Margaret Jennifer Dana Connie Dana Stacy Tonya Sherry Barbara Rosa Christine Tanya Nancy Tina Susan Brenda Brenda Natalie Katherine Erika Krystal Krystal Krystal Patricia Erika Natalie Erin Cynthia Kristen Lindsey Natalie Abigail Gabriela Jordan Anna Michelle Diana Shelby Gabriela Briana Melanie Alexa Ava Faith Ariana Gabriella Gabriella Lily Grace Makayla Bella
53 Beverly Kelly Diane Theresa Stephanie Monica Robin Denise Andrea Leticia Andrea Leslie Tiffany Melinda Anna Tonya Courtney Nancy Alicia Claudia Claudia Valerie Erika Kristin Patricia Leslie Alicia Anna Jamie Lisa Brittney Kristen Kristen Bianca Anna Monica Monica Kaitlyn Courtney Mary Melissa Gabriela Alexa Angela Sofia Sydney Sydney Zoe Savannah Aubrey Zoey Ximena Khloe
54 Sheila Janice Rosa Kim Sheila Carolyn Denise Rachel Rachel Leslie Cheryl Denise Sharon Kristi Tanya Linda Linda Melanie Nancy Anna Alicia Claudia Samantha Shannon Diana Priscilla Anna Priscilla Brenda Natalie Lindsey Cassandra Cassandra Ana Miranda Karina Allison Anna Angelica Olivia Julia Allison Amanda Ana Morgan Ella Ella Ella Arianna Aaliyah Gabriella Lillian Alexis
55 Lori Diane Denise Denise Janet Kim Kim Tonya Sherry Andrea Paula Robin Sylvia Leslie Crystal Brandi Tracy Kristi Stacy Nancy Natalie Alicia Diana Lindsay Leslie Alicia Patricia Brittney Jasmine Hannah Anna April Priscilla Natalie Sara Tiffany Sydney Allison Laura Melissa Angela Sara Jordan Megan Zoe Zoe Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Brooklyn Bella Audrey Ariana Gabriella
56 Angela Anna Jacqueline Tracy Connie Debbie Kathy Dana Cindy Robin Anna Melinda Anna Christy Kristi Melanie Melanie Anna Valerie Lori Anna Samantha Brenda Diana Lindsay Allison Allison Brenda Kelly Jordan Angela Jordan Alejandra Amy Natalie Nicole Nicole Bailey Julia Brooke Danielle Melissa Makayla Makayla Makayla Jocelyn Anna Makayla Layla Jasmine Natalia Bella Ariana
57 Kelly Kim Judy Judy Theresa Denise Rosa Melinda Leticia Rosa Denise Alicia Deborah Crystal Melanie Angelica Teresa Tammy Kristi Stacy Melanie Lindsey Lindsay Leslie Erika Diana Diana Allison Valerie Alexandra Brenda Angela Anna Allison Diana Kaitlyn Chelsea Ana Jacqueline Gabriela Marissa Evelyn Aaliyah Diana Gabriela Vanessa Valerie Leslie Alexandra Vanessa Destiny Kayla Savannah
58 Theresa Beverly Theresa Anna Rosa Theresa Carolyn Gina Rosa Dawn Kristi Paula Misty Stacey Norma Christine Emily Claudia Karen Lauren Diana Anna Shannon Misty Shannon Brandi Kathryn Kathryn Alexandra Diana Natalie Ariel Brenda Brenda Heather Sydney Angelica Crystal Marissa Mariah Allison Julia Gabriela Zoe Angela Angela Faith Ariana Katherine Daniela Alexandra Destiny Maria
59 Cathy Margaret Laurie Diane Kim Veronica Debbie Dawn Theresa Stacey Melinda Carrie Leticia Alicia Alicia Emily Anna Alicia Claudia Melanie Lori Natalie Anna Holly Jacqueline Julie Leslie Angelica Priscilla Erika Ana Alexis Marissa Alexandria Briana Christina Sara Sara Miranda Sara Shelby Shelby Julia Morgan Miranda Haley Gabriella Arianna Lily Katherine Anna Katherine Jocelyn
60 Irma Melissa Carla Leticia Leticia Dana Margaret Anna Anna Anna Sherry Leticia April Rhonda Carrie Anna Valerie Susan Wendy Valerie Nancy Nancy Megan Sandra Holly Lindsay Priscilla Patricia Cassandra Krystal Morgan Natalie Allison Anna Bianca Alexandria Ana Laura Anna Danielle Bailey Faith Allison Jocelyn Kaylee Jacqueline Nevaeh Allison Stephanie Natalia Riley Sophie Charlotte
61 Belinda Belinda Tracy Rosa Diane Leticia Theresa Sheila Gloria Carol Robin Nicole Kristi Yvonne Denise Stacey Alicia Katherine Tina Kristy Holly Lindsay Victoria Erika Anna Jacqueline Lindsay Erika Jacqueline Erin Allison Brenda Cynthia Alejandra Brenda Brenda Mariah Diana Ana Miranda Diana Bailey Angelina Kaylee Jocelyn Ariana Audrey Anna Mariah Jennifer Jasmine Serenity Kylie
62 Leticia Sheila Jennifer Margaret Monica Rosa Connie Christina Dawn Heather Stacey Stacey Dana Anna Yolanda Rosa Holly Natalie Anna Kristi Priscilla Candice Claudia Anna Kristin Kristin Brittney Alicia Diana Kristin Whitney Allison Valerie Gabriela Destiny Angelica Mary Gabriela Mariah Bailey Brittany Katelyn Melissa Brooke Allison Makayla Daniela Giselle Angelina Ariana Savannah Faith Makayla
63 Virginia Leticia Beverly Stephanie Margaret Terri Christine Robin Sheila Gloria Leticia Sylvia Debra Dawn Donna Alicia Angelica Sabrina Christine Holly Carrie Megan Alicia Brenda Brandy Erika Katie Leslie Allison Taylor Erika Erika Angelica Veronica Erica Sara Miranda Mary Brooke Karina Brooke Sophia Amber Angelina Kylie Amy Jacqueline Sydney Kaitlyn Savannah Ariana Harper Amelia
64 Anna Michelle Janice Belinda Belinda Janet Terri Regina Leslie Melinda Rosa Belinda Stacey Carrie Melinda Dawn Rosa Christine Holly Karen Wendy Melanie Priscilla Danielle Priscilla Kathryn Sandra Christine Kathryn Jacqueline Priscilla Priscilla Lindsey Erika Brooke Heather Cynthia Brooke Madeline Angelica Madeline Laura Lizbeth Valeria Haley Gabriela Makayla Lily Ariana Peyton Faith Savannah Faith
65 Laurie Cathy Melinda Jacqueline Melinda Margaret Andrea Rosa Denise Denise Cindy Jessica Yvonne Rosa Rosa Christie Tanya Holly Kristy Wendy Stacy Victoria Candice Brittany Julie Shannon Mayra Katie Alicia Allison Diana Kathryn Alexandria Cynthia Cynthia Brooke Alejandra Tiffany Sara Diana Mary Mia Karla Melissa Marissa Ana Mariah Brooke Michelle Khloe Serenity Natalia Kayla
66 Melissa Irma Belinda Beverly Anna Melinda Anna Leticia Martha Martha Catherine Kristi Rosa Donna Leticia Valerie Kristi Valerie Teresa Linda Lindsey Priscilla Danielle Priscilla Christine Christine Kristin Jacqueline Bianca Ana Erin Brittney Ana Jacqueline Alexandria Briana Kaitlyn Cassandra Gabrielle Angela Miranda Adriana Zoe Jordan Ariana Morgan Trinity Michelle Natalia Lillian Trinity Kylie Scarlett
67 Shirley Vicki Leticia Janice Veronica Christine Stacy Debbie Michele Kristi Martha Cheryl Carrie Yolanda Yvonne Denise Jaime Teresa Melanie Melinda Christine Linda Kathryn Jacqueline Chelsea Kristina Shannon Diana Christine Valerie Kathryn Jacqueline Brianna Madison Cassandra Olivia Tiffany Alejandra Gabriela Chloe Ana Mackenzie Diana Karen Diana Mariah Angela Trinity Jessica Serenity Taylor Jasmine Sophie
68 Vicki Betty Dana Anita Virginia Carla Janet Leslie Melinda Gina Alicia Amanda Amanda Leticia Angelica Tanya Christine Linda Susan Carrie Megan Lori Jacqueline Kathryn Kathryn Whitney Christine Mayra Kristin Brenda Jacqueline Alexandria Diana Angelica Ana Ana Brooke Olivia Crystal Courtney Caroline Makayla Briana Sara Nicole Gabriella Morgan Lillian Leah Stephanie Lauren Charlotte Aubree
69 Anita Virginia Virginia Virginia Amy Belinda Carla Yvonne Gina Michele Christy Christy Leslie Sarah Brandi Yolanda Erin Ashley Tracy Tara Christy Wendy Nancy Claudia Sandra Nancy Julie Kristina Katie Angelica Krystal Haley Erika Cassandra Kaitlyn Savannah Alexandria Gabrielle Alejandra Hailey Alejandra Kaylee Mackenzie Lizbeth Megan Diana Arianna Genesis Kylie Alexandra Stephanie Taylor Claire
70 Becky Jennifer Anna Carla Carla Judy Gina Terri Carolyn Sheila Yvonne Cindy Tanya Sharon Dawn Sonia Katherine Tracy Erika Christine Kathryn Danielle Christine Christine Allison Holly Brandi Julie Hannah Kathryn Leslie Marissa Angela Diana Alejandra Diana Christina Alexandria Mary Laura Adriana Valeria Jocelyn Amanda Ana Brooke Ana Faith Valerie Giselle Peyton Peyton Nicole
71 Annette Laurie Anita Laurie Judy Diane Yvonne Theresa Regina Cindy Nicole Sherry Barbara Brandi Rhonda Norma Leticia Kristy Angelica Priscilla Denise Christine Allison Nancy Latoya Katie Ana Kristin Angelica Priscilla Alicia Krystal Brooke Lindsey Leslie Cynthia Diana Sierra Daisy Ana Daniela Marissa Valeria Kylie Briana Allison Briana Briana Leslie Valerie Katherine Anna Anna
72 Vickie Becky Becky Melinda Leslie Virginia Dawn Connie Stacey Theresa Regina Anna Robin Debra Dana Holly Vanessa Angelica Linda Samantha Linda Stacy Cassandra Stacy Claudia Claudia Jacqueline Ana Leslie Kelly Valerie Valerie Jacqueline Kristen Veronica Kristen Daisy Mariah Sabrina Crystal Melanie Angelica Trinity Amber Brooke Julia Miranda Amy Lillian Anna Jennifer Giselle Destiny
73 Carla Anita Cathy Leslie Janice Wendy Belinda Carolyn Yvonne Yvonne Tiffany Gloria Martha Dana Tamara Erin Denise Allison Melinda Teresa Samantha Allison Carrie Allison Joanna Tara Chelsea Alyssa Erika Alicia Shelby Leslie April Briana Erin Alejandra Amy Julia Monica Daisy Daisy Melanie Nicole Katelyn Ella Katelyn Brooke Brooklyn Aaliyah Faith Kylie Lauren Natalia
74 Terry Tracy Sherri Veronica Laurie Andrea Christina Jacqueline Belinda Catherine Gloria Melanie Belinda Erica Sonia Katherine Tina Tara Sabrina Megan Kristi Brooke Angelica Candice Nancy Sandra Angelica Shannon Caitlin Katie Jamie Diana Leslie Angela Amy Gabriela Gabrielle Chelsea Alexandria Isabel Valeria Daisy Amy Arianna Amy Kylie Allison Valerie Brooke Trinity Daniela Alexandra Amy
75 Rose Wanda Irma Sherri Christine Dawn Melinda Shannon Terri Shelly Michele Regina Melinda Sylvia Ana Leticia Tonya Robin Leticia Tracy Allison Pamela Linda Tara Tara Chelsea Nancy Sandra Patricia Christine Angelica Erin Abigail Brooke Angelica Leslie Brenda Emma Valerie Alexandria Isabella Zoe Bailey Allison Rachel Isabel Gabriela Jacqueline Sydney Michelle Giselle Nicole Riley
76 Peggy Terry Stephanie Christine Alicia Regina Virginia Carla Kathy Melanie Katherine Katherine Sonia Robin Robin Robin Sonia Stacey Priscilla Susan Kristina Kathryn Melanie Kristina Kristina Cassandra Meagan Alexandra Kristina Leslie Meagan Gabriela Erin Kaitlyn Kristen Erin Gabriela Karina Cassandra Sierra Sara Karla Rebecca Madeline Melissa Genesis Alondra Miranda Giselle Kylie Vanessa Riley Madelyn
77 Wanda Shirley Vickie Melanie Regina Irma Wendy Kathy Kristi Alicia Theresa Claudia Alicia Sonia Martha Melinda Melinda Melinda Tammy Kathryn Danielle Holly Tara Melanie Misty Ana Kristina Cassandra Nancy Adriana Kelly Adriana Gabriela Valerie Savannah Cassandra Erica Bianca Karina Kaylee Sierra Gabriella Sara Audrey Alondra Mariana Lillian Mariah Anna Mariah Amy Daniela Alexandra
78 Melinda Melinda Leslie Vickie Rachel Catherine Leslie Belinda Jacqueline Kathy Gina April Sarah Pamela Pamela Kristi Robin Tina Denise Dana Tracy Jacqueline Natasha Catherine Candice Brandy Claudia Brandi Mayra Jamie Kristin Whitney Ariel Priscilla Karina Erica Erin Christina Sierra Esmeralda Makayla Trinity Brooke Alondra Katelyn Nicole Isabel Angela Peyton Sydney Claire Scarlett Peyton
79 Rita Stephanie Vicki Irma Anita Gina Shannon Stacey Sonia Sonia Melanie Barbara Cheryl Deborah Amber Martha Ana Catherine Samantha Denise Angelica Teresa Stacy Linda Catherine Misty Holly Nancy Shannon Morgan Lisa Kelly Kathryn Erin Lindsey Gabrielle Bailey Daisy Amy Faith Angelica Daniela Kaylee Daisy Julia Rachel Amy Aubrey Angela Jessica Caroline Claire Caroline
80 Jo Leslie Regina Cathy Beverly Leslie Anita Margaret Shelly Katherine Kathy Martha Katherine Holly Gloria Courtney Natalie Leticia Mandy Angelica Brooke Tara Brittany Natasha Linda Brittney Kayla Holly Taylor Caitlin Marissa Alejandra Brittney Kathryn Valerie Sabrina Bianca Valerie Brenda Adriana Laura Diana Katelyn Isabel Madeline Nevaeh Kylie Gabriela Trinity Riley Miranda Amy Taylor
81 Irene Vickie Veronica Amy Catherine Annette Alicia Shelly Connie Belinda Sonia Catherine Shelly Tamara Sylvia Shelly Mandy Tonya Ana Tina Ana Denise Denise Ana Stacy Catherine Cassandra Lindsay Meagan Marissa Caitlin Jamie Adriana Karen Erika Amy Alondra Cynthia Kelsey Karla Isabel Karen Alondra Marissa Jordan Audrey Giselle Isabel Gabriela Miranda Ximena Amelia Maya
82 Catherine Dana Rose Betty Yvonne Janice Stacey Kim Catherine Christy Shelly Sonia Crystal Esmeralda Holly Rhonda Norma Mandy Kathryn Mindy Rosa Angelica Pamela Carrie Ana Denise Catherine Kendra Catherine Kristina Adriana Meagan Briana Caitlin Angela Valerie Cassandra Amy Cheyenne Sabrina Jocelyn Madeline Daisy Sofia Isabel Marissa Julia Natalia Miranda Brooke Michelle Jennifer Naomi
83 Dana Irene Betty Annette Gina Yvonne Janice Catherine Kim Regina Holly Shelly Paula Belinda Katherine Sylvia Dana Yvonne Yvonne Robin Yvonne Latoya Ana Chelsea Cassandra Candice Casey Hannah Ana Mayra Abigail Brianna Olivia Catherine Adriana Adriana Olivia Kelsey Adriana Valerie Karina Nayeli Madeline Adriana Sara Melissa Daisy Aaliyah Riley Angelina Bailey Trinity Daniela
84 Alice Catherine Terry Penny Betty Laurie Rachel Janet Melanie Terri Sheila Yvonne Sherry Cindy Christie Mandy Erika Tanya Tara Lindsey Karen Ana Holly Desiree Melanie Jenna Tara Catherine Morgan Patricia Catherine Alicia Julia Sabrina Kassandra Bianca Cheyenne Cheyenne Daniela Breanna Sophia Miranda Avery Briana Daisy Megan Aaliyah Diana Bailey Kaitlyn Valerie Bailey Bailey
85 Juanita Joyce Irene Becky Annette Betty Diane Michele Margaret Virginia Belinda Tanya Ana Katherine Stacey Dana Yolanda Ana Catherine Allison Kristy Natasha Catherine Cassandra Jenna Stacy Brandy Meagan Julie Meagan Patricia Brooke Kaitlyn Adriana Gabrielle Daisy Valerie Adriana Tiffany Alejandra Trinity Brooke Valerie Karla Gabriella Miranda Brooklyn Kylie Faith Leslie Kaitlyn Caroline Jade
86 Kathleen Charlotte Shirley Alicia Cathy Christina Catherine Diane Katherine Margaret Carol Holly Tara Martha Catherine Catherine Samantha Dana Kristina Catherine Adriana Tanya Kristina Candace Denise Joanna Jordan Casey Kelsey Abigail Katie Julia Caitlin April Sydney Katelyn Kristen Breanna Cynthia Gabrielle Alexandria Mary Mary Alejandra Audrey Briana Genesis Julia Amy Bailey Mariah Vanessa Paisley
87 Suzanne Regina Juanita Gina Irene Charlotte Regina Kristi Alicia Laurie Jessica Michele Holly Shelly Deborah Erika Yvonne Sonia Dana Yvonne Leticia Krystal Candace Denise Mayra Mayra Felicia Claudia Sandra Claudia Brooke Catherine Madison Leslie Priscilla Sierra Selena Alicia Chelsea Veronica Karen Sierra Shelby Caroline Amanda Amanda Katelyn Karen Serenity Liliana Charlotte Naomi Jasmine
88 Charlotte Juanita Wanda Irene Stacy Irene Tonya Alicia Carla Connie Carrie Theresa Cindy Gloria Valerie Gloria Catherine Denise Robin Leticia Tara Catherine Lori Kayla Katie Meagan Mallory Kelsey Brandi Brandi Alexis Miranda Katie Brittney Katie Breanna Julia Madeline Katelyn Katelyn Kaylee Alejandra Marissa Gabriella Karla Natalia Melissa Morgan Jacqueline Zoey Sophie Liliana Kennedy
89 Katherine Peggy Catherine Terry Katherine Sherri Michele Sonya Debbie Carla Sarah Gina Gloria Ana Courtney Sara Ashley Priscilla Stacey Ana Susan Karen Adriana Katie Angelica Melanie Cristina Denise Lindsay Infant Ariel Caitlin Kelly Miranda Kathryn Kathryn Sierra Erin Breanna Caroline Mackenzie Mariah Gabriella Ariana Alejandra Riley Lily Bailey Katelyn Amy Angelina Valerie Trinity
90 Tracy Annette Rita Rose Irma Rachel Laurie Amanda Shelley Nicole Ana Sarah Brandi Cheryl Debra Tara Stacey Erika Lauren Jacqueline Pamela Susan Julia Teresa Teresa Angelica Misty Yesenia Claudia Nancy Claudia Angelica Destiny Karina Sabrina Angela Karla Julissa Christina Gabriella Mia Angelina Kylie Julia Karen Arianna Rachel Alondra Isabel Ruby Jessica Kennedy Giselle
91 Kathryn Rita Amy Regina Sherri Juanita Sonia Anita Deanna Jacqueline Jacqueline Sheila Michele Barbara Sharon Vanessa Gloria Jaime Sonia Kristina Natasha Melinda Karen Angelica Natasha Krystle Adriana Felicia Adriana Sandra Brianna Olivia Karen Paige Clarissa Desiree Veronica Katelyn Erin Madeline Amy Caroline Alejandra Nicole Caroline Leah Mariana Layla Morgan Madeline Liliana Eva Lauren
92 Leslie Katherine Monica Wanda Kathleen Beverly Irma Irma Sarah Deanna Amanda Crystal Catherine Tara Erika Jamie Dawn Kathryn Allison Tammy Candice Rosa Katie Lori Julia Cristina Stacy Morgan Holly Catherine Christine Katie Miranda Destiny Karen Priscilla Breanna Brenda Makayla Cassandra Gabrielle Isabel Isabel Ava Valerie Karen Camila Mariana Julia Madelyn Sydney Julia Vanessa
93 Joyce Jo Penny Vicki Andrea Alicia Betty Sonia Virginia Ann Laurie Sonya Brandy Sherry Theresa Tamara Victoria Jill Tonya Victoria Tina Christy Teresa Leah Whitney Adriana Denise Adriana Kendra Julie Olivia Claudia Paige Claudia Brittney Veronica Erika Karen Hailey Makayla Karla Alexa Karen Amy Amber Sara Diana Katelyn Briana Angela Julia Stephanie Eva
94 Jennifer Rose Sarah Juanita Rose Rose Judy Virginia Diane Carolyn Felicia Felicia Sheila Catherine Shelly Ana Allison Norma Tanya Kristen Teresa Julia Leah Pamela Candace Felicia Alexandra Tara Jordan Cristina Nancy Mariah Desiree Olivia Mariah Julia Heather Alondra Bianca Alondra Gabriella Alexandria Caroline Bailey Rebecca Valerie Jazmin Ana Sara Gabriela Amelia Alondra Ruby
95 Michelle Rachel Alice Katherine Vickie Jo Charlotte Juanita Irma Holly Carolyn Tara Carla Paula Belinda Yvonne Tamara Yolanda Yolanda Kristin Tamara Leticia Leticia Casey Karen Candace Jenna Mallory Tara Melanie Brandi Abigail Krystal Katelyn Katelyn Bailey Desiree Caroline Priscilla Monica Katelyn Jocelyn Ariana Mackenzie Mariana Daisy Sara Leah Melissa Sophie Isabel Madelyn Autumn
96 Dorothy Kathleen Joyce Catherine Terry Rita Annette Sherri Tammie Irma April Margaret Regina Theresa Tara Pamela Martha Dawn Jacqueline Mandy Julia Kristi Christy Miranda Casey Desiree Joanna Natasha Denise Shannon Haley Patricia Lisa Alicia Olivia Karen Caroline Kristen Karla Amy Erika Alondra Angelica Angelica Celeste Karla Haley Madeline Madeline Fernanda Valentina Katelyn Jennifer
97 Glenda Carmen Annette Charlotte Wendy Becky Shelly Laurie Juanita Julia Deanna Vanessa Erica Irma Emily Donna Priscilla Belinda Norma Norma Catherine Leah Cristina Julia Leah Lacey Linda Brandy Joanna Holly Alexandria Paige Meagan Julia Desiree Cheyenne Karen Erica Gabriella Karen Valerie Danielle Jade Rebecca Leah Brooklyn Madeline Joselyn Nicole Katelyn Jacqueline Autumn Skylar
98 Phyllis Alice Gina Rachel Sarah Sarah Rose Yvette Charlotte Sarah Debbie Virginia Yvette Shelley Cindy Barbara Sylvia Kristina Rosa Pamela Lindsay Candace Susan Rosa Cristina Leah Candice Jasmine Marissa Lindsay Mayra Nancy Whitney Whitney Caitlin Mariah Adriana Priscilla Isabel Mackenzie Crystal Amy Alexia Mary Mackenzie Lillian Nicole Melissa Ana Jacqueline Jade Mariah Valerie
99 Alicia Suzanne Melanie Suzanne Shirley Dora Katherine Jill Janet Amanda Tara Yvette Theresa Victoria Vanessa Cindy Belinda Samantha Danielle Rosa Jacqueline Kristina Kristi Sabrina Lori Linda Leah Julia Cindy Karen Kristina Lisa Catherine Desiree Nancy Claudia Angela Jocelyn Karen Priscilla Sabrina Gabrielle Sofia Valerie Adriana Giselle Leah Riley Madelyn Caroline Madeline Maya Mariah
100 Frances Sherri Rachel Sarah Becky Anita Sarah Annette Laurie Debbie Carla Deanna Victoria Emily Michele Sharon Esmeralda Deborah Martha Stacey Stacey Carrie Dana Adriana Susan Natasha Candace Jenna Desiree Alexandria Sandra Briana Alicia Valeria April Paige Madeline Angela Alicia Tiffany Ariana Valerie Adriana Karina Bailey Rebecca Aubrey Ruby Maya Briana Ana Jade Stephanie

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