Why there is still no 2010 Census surnames data available?

Unfortunately it appears that the most recent, 2010, USA Census results have not been processed as far as surnames are concerned. The US Census Bureau did a great job in 1990 and then in 2000, processed the Census results and came up with the lists of last names in the United States. It did run out of steam when it came to the year 2010. They have the data, they just have not got around processing and publishing the surnames. I asked them about it to be sure. They promptly answered. Here is the US Census Bureau official response to my request on where and when the 2010 surnames will become available.

"Thank you for using the US Census Bureau's Question & Answer Center. Due to limited resources, there are no plans to produce any surname files from the 2010 Census at this time."

I read it as if we are not going to get the latest list of surnames any time soon. I went as far as volonteering to do the work for them since they admit they lack resources to do it. I hope they either accept my help or find the resources to get the last names out to the public.

P.S. If you see anywhere on the internet any 2010 surname lists, trust me - they are not. Most likely they are just 2000 lists renamed by some "entrepreneurs." There is no official 2010 Census surname list at this point. It simply does not exist.

P.P.S. Is there anything we can do to move the Census Bureau in the right direction?

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