Hungarian last names starting with Y

Hungarian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Yanopulo Hungarian
Yatkovich Hungarian
Yaxley Hungarian Local: Of Yaxley, parishes in countie...
Ybl Hungarian
Ydl Hungarian
Ydlbeck Hungarian
Yecb Hungarian
Yeck Hungarian
Yer Hungarian
Yllner Hungarian
Yokoly Hungarian
Yolbey Hungarian
Yolland Hungarian Local: Of Yearland. Yearland Conyers ...
Yom Hungarian
Yonell Hungarian
Yongyech Hungarian
Yost Hungarian
Yoszt Hungarian
Youell Hungarian
Younga Hungarian
Ypsilanti Hungarian
Ypsilanty Hungarian
Yr Hungarian
Yull Hungarian
Yulow Hungarian
Yung Hungarian Nickname: The young.

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