Hungarian last names starting with J

Hungarian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Ja Hungarian
Jaaky Hungarian
Jaan Hungarian
Jaara Hungarian
Jabak Hungarian
Jabchen Hungarian
Jaber Hungarian
Jaberek Hungarian
Jaberics Hungarian
Jabinek Hungarian
Jabkovszky Hungarian
Jablacs Hungarian
Jablan Hungarian
Jablanczi Hungarian
Jablanczki Hungarian
Jablanczy Hungarian
Jablanoczky Hungarian
Jablanov Hungarian
Jablanovich Hungarian
Jablanovics Hungarian
Jablanovszki Hungarian
Jablanovszky Hungarian
Jablanszky Hungarian
Jablcsuik Hungarian
Jablenovich Hungarian
Jablenszky Hungarian
Name Origin Meaning
Jabletzki Hungarian
Jablinszki Hungarian
Jabloczki Hungarian
Jablonav Hungarian
Jabloncai Hungarian
Jablonci Hungarian
Jabloncyi Hungarian
Jablonczai Hungarian
Jablonczay Hungarian
Jablonczky Hungarian
Jablonecki Hungarian
Jabloniczky Hungarian
Jablonitzky Hungarian
Jablonka Hungarian
Jablonkai Hungarian
Jablonkay Hungarian
Jablonov Hungarian
Jablonovne Hungarian
Jablonovsk Hungarian
Jablonovski Hungarian
Jablonovszki Hungarian
Jablonovszky Hungarian
Jablonow Hungarian
Jablonowski Hungarian

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