Hungarian last names starting with I

Hungarian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Iabak Hungarian
Iabosi Hungarian
Iacab Hungarian
Iacabffi Hungarian
Iacabffy Hungarian
Iacabfi Hungarian
Iacabfy Hungarian
Iacabovici Hungarian
Iacabovitz Hungarian
Iacabuti Hungarian
Iacchel Hungarian
Iachim Hungarian
Iachs Hungarian
Iaco Hungarian
Iacob Hungarian
Iacoban Hungarian
Iacobele Hungarian
Iacober Hungarian
Iacobescu Hungarian
Iacobi Hungarian
Iacobini Hungarian
Iacoboni Hungarian
Iacobos Hungarian
Iacobosi Hungarian
Iacobovici Hungarian
Iacobovics Hungarian
Name Origin Meaning
Iacobovits Hungarian
Iacobovski Hungarian
Iacobovsky Hungarian
Iacoby Hungarian
Iacuci Hungarian
Iacus Hungarian
Iadoczki Hungarian
Iaga Hungarian
Iagamas Hungarian
Iagamast Hungarian
Iagamos Hungarian
Iago Hungarian
Iagodici Hungarian
Iahl Hungarian
Iahoda Hungarian
Iahraus Hungarian
Iajacz Hungarian
Iajti Hungarian
Iakab Hungarian
Iakabffi Hungarian
Iakabffy Hungarian
Iakabfi Hungarian
Iakabfy Hungarian
Iakabhazi Hungarian

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