Hungarian last names starting with C

Hungarian last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Ca Hungarian
Caba Hungarian
Cabadei Hungarian
Cabai Hungarian
Cabalka Hungarian
Caballini Hungarian
Caban Hungarian Name CABAN is a Latin spelling of its...
Cabana Hungarian
Cabas Hungarian Name CABAS is a Latin spelling of its...
Cabay Hungarian
Cabdebo Hungarian
Cabik Hungarian Name CABIK is a Latin spelling of its...
Cabluk Hungarian
Caboga Hungarian
Cabopici Hungarian
Cabuk Hungarian Name CABUK is a Latin spelling of its...
Cabulea Hungarian
Cabunea Hungarian
Cabutz Hungarian
Caca Hungarian
Cacaina Hungarian
Cacasi Hungarian
Caccia Hungarian
Cach Hungarian
Cacinescu Hungarian
Cacinovich Hungarian
Name Origin Meaning
Cacinovits Hungarian
Cacio Hungarian
Caciora Hungarian
Caciu Hungarian
Caciuc Hungarian
Caciula Hungarian
Caclan Hungarian
Cacovean Hungarian
Cacoveanu Hungarian
Cacser Hungarian
Cacso Hungarian
Cacuci Hungarian
Caczl Hungarian
Cadac Hungarian
Cadar Hungarian Name CADAR is a Latin spelling of its...
Cadarcea Hungarian
Cadariu Hungarian
Cadas Hungarian
Cadeau Hungarian
Cadel Hungarian
Cadia Hungarian
Cadis Hungarian Name CADIS is a Latin spelling of its...
Cado Hungarian
Cadurszki Hungarian

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