Guam last names starting with T

Guam last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Taenao Guam
Tagana Guam
Taguacta Guam
Taianao Guam
Taiano Guam
Taiasi Guam
Taichigu Guam
Taienao Guam
Taifagas Guam
Taifalak Guam
Taifino Guam
Taifinu Guam
Taigachung Guam
Taiguaha Guam
Taigualu Guam
Taihitu Guam
Taiigi Guam
Taiiyu Guam
Taijeron Guam
Taijiron Guam
Taijito Guam
Taikanu Guam
Taimagung Guam
Taimanglo Guam
Taimanglu Guam
Taimanlgo Guam
Name Origin Meaning
Tainaan Guam
Tainahung Guam
Tainatongo Guam
Taisagua Guam
Taisague Guam
Taisagui Guam
Taisahyan Guam
Taisakan Guam
Taisipig Guam
Taison Guam
Taisungsung Guam
Taitague Guam
Taitainfong Guam
Taitano Guam
Taitinfong Guam
Taitingfong Guam
Tajalle Guam
Tajalli Guam
Tajelle Guam
Takano Guam
Talabera Guam
Talavera Guam
Talina Guam
Tallaje Guam

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