Azeri last names starting with S

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Sadygov Azeri Male name SADYGOV is a Latin spelling...
Sadygova Azeri Female name SADYGOVA is a Latin spell...
Sadyhov Azeri
Sadyhova Azeri
Safaev Azeri
Safaeva Azeri
Safarli Azeri
Safarov Azeri
Safarova Azeri
Salahov Azeri
Salahova Azeri
Salakhov Azeri
Salakhova Azeri
Salihov Azeri Male name SALIHOV is a Latin spelling...
Salihova Azeri Female name SALIHOVA is a Latin spell...
Salmanov Azeri Male name SALMANOV is a Latin spellin...
Salmanova Azeri Female name SALMANOVA is a Latin spel...
Samedov Azeri
Samedova Azeri
Saryev Azeri
Saryeva Azeri
Sayadov Azeri
Sayadova Azeri
Seidov Azeri
Seidova Azeri
Seyidov Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Seyidova Azeri
Shabanov Azeri Male name SHABANOV is a Latin spellin...
Shabanova Azeri Female name SHABANOVA is a Latin spel...
Shahbazov Azeri
Shahbazova Azeri
Shahtahtinkskaya Azeri
Shahtahtinkskii Azeri
Shahverdiev Azeri
Shahverdieva Azeri
Shakhbazov Azeri
Shakhbazova Azeri
Shamhalov Azeri
Shamhalova Azeri
Sharifov Azeri
Sharifova Azeri
Sheihzamanly Azeri
Shihlinskaya Azeri
Shihlinskii Azeri
Shirinov Azeri
Shirinova Azeri
Shirvani Azeri
Shukurov Azeri
Shukurova Azeri
Suleimanov Azeri Male name SULEIMANOV is a Latin spell...

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