Azeri last names starting with M

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Magamedov Azeri
Magamedova Azeri
Magerramov Azeri
Magerramova Azeri
Magomaev Azeri
Magomaeva Azeri
Magometov Azeri
Magometova Azeri
Mahammadov Azeri
Mahammadova Azeri
Maharramov Azeri
Maharramova Azeri
Mahmudov Azeri
Mahmudova Azeri
Majidov Azeri
Majidova Azeri
Maksudov Azeri
Maksudova Azeri
Mamedaliev Azeri
Mamedalieva Azeri
Mamedaliyev Azeri
Mamedaliyeva Azeri
Mamedbekov Azeri Male name MAMEDBEKOV is a Latin spell...
Mamedbekova Azeri Female name MAMEDBEKOVA is a Latin sp...
Mamedkuliyev Azeri
Mamedkuliyeva Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Mamedov Azeri Male name MAMEDOV is a Latin spelling...
Mamedova Azeri Female name MAMEDOVA is a Latin spell...
Mamedyarov Azeri
Mamedyarova Azeri
Mamishov Azeri
Mamishova Azeri
Mammadaliyev Azeri
Mammadaliyeva Azeri
Mammadbeyov Azeri
Mammadbeyova Azeri
Mammadguliyev Azeri
Mammadguliyeva Azeri
Mammadov Azeri
Mammadova Azeri
Manafov Azeri Male name MANAFOV is a Latin spelling...
Manafova Azeri Female name MANAFOVA is a Latin spell...
Mansurov Azeri Male name MANSUROV is a Latin spellin...
Mansurova Azeri Female name MANSUROVA is a Latin spel...
Mardanov Azeri
Mardanova Azeri
Medjidov Azeri
Medjidova Azeri
Medzhiev Azeri
Medzhieva Azeri

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