Azeri last names starting with K

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Kadyrov Azeri Male name KADYROV is a Latin spelling...
Kadyrova Azeri Female name KADYROVA is a Latin spell...
Kadzhar Azeri
Kafarov Azeri
Kafarova Azeri
Kagramanov Azeri
Kagramanova Azeri
Karadagskaya Azeri
Karadagskii Azeri
Karaev Azeri
Karaeva Azeri
Karakhanov Azeri
Karakhanova Azeri
Karayev Azeri
Karayeva Azeri
Karimov Azeri Male name KARIMOV is a Latin spelling...
Karimova Azeri Female name KARIMOVA is a Latin spell...
Kasimov Azeri Male name KASIMOV is a Latin spelling...
Kasimova Azeri Female name KASIMOVA is a Latin spell...
Kasumov Azeri Male name KASUMOV is a Latin spelling...
Kasumova Azeri Female name KASUMOVA is a Latin spell...
Kerimov Azeri Male name KERIMOV is a Latin spelling...
Kerimova Azeri Female name KERIMOVA is a Latin spell...
Khalilov Azeri
Khalilova Azeri
Khanmamedov Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Khanmamedova Azeri
Khanmammadov Azeri
Khanmammadova Azeri
Kuliev Azeri
Kulieva Azeri
Kuliyev Azeri
Kuliyeva Azeri
Kurbanov Azeri Male name KURBANOV is a Latin spellin...
Kurbanova Azeri Female name KURBANOVA is a Latin spel...
Kyazimov Azeri
Kyazimova Azeri

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