Azeri last names starting with I

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Ibragimbekov Azeri
Ibragimbekova Azeri
Ibragimov Azeri Male name IBRAGIMOV is a Latin spelli...
Ibragimova Azeri Female name IBRAGIMOVA is a Latin spe...
Ibrahimbeyov Azeri
Ibrahimbeyova Azeri
Ibrahimov Azeri Male name IBRAHIMOV is a Latin spelli...
Ibrahimova Azeri Female name IBRAHIMOVA is a Latin spe...
Idayetov Azeri
Idayetova Azeri
Imanov Azeri Male name IMANOV is a Latin spelling ...
Imanova Azeri Female name IMANOVA is a Latin spelli...
Isgandarov Azeri
Isgandarova Azeri
Iskanderov Azeri
Iskanderova Azeri
Iskenderov Azeri
Iskenderova Azeri
Iskrafilov Azeri
Iskrafilova Azeri
Ismailov Azeri Male name ISMAILOV is a Latin spellin...
Ismailova Azeri Female name ISMAILOVA is a Latin spel...
Ismajlov Azeri
Ismajlova Azeri
Ismayilov Azeri
Ismayilova Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Izmailov Azeri Male name IZMAILOV is a Latin spellin...
Izmailova Azeri Female name IZMAILOVA is a Latin spel...

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