Azeri last names starting with G

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Gadjarov Azeri
Gadjarova Azeri
Gadjibabayev Azeri
Gadjibabayeva Azeri
Gadjibekov Azeri
Gadjibekova Azeri
Gadjiyev Azeri
Gadjiyeva Azeri
Gadzhibabekov Azeri
Gadzhibabekova Azeri
Gadzhibekov Azeri Male name GADZHIBEKOV is a Latin spel...
Gadzhibekova Azeri Female name GADZHIBEKOVA is a Latin s...
Gadzhiev Azeri Male name GADZHIEV is a Latin spellin...
Gadzhieva Azeri Female name GADZHIEVA is a Latin spel...
Gaibov Azeri
Gaibova Azeri
Gaidarov Azeri Male name GAIDAROV is a Latin spellin...
Gaidarova Azeri Female name GAIDAROVA is a Latin spel...
Gajarov Azeri
Gajarova Azeri
Gambarov Azeri Male name GAMBAROV is a Latin spellin...
Gambarova Azeri Female name GAMBAROVA is a Latin spel...
Gamidov Azeri
Gamidova Azeri
Ganiev Azeri Male name GANIEV is a Latin spelling ...
Ganieva Azeri Female name GANIEVA is a Latin spelli...
Name Origin Meaning
Garaev Azeri
Garaeva Azeri
Garakhanov Azeri
Garakhanova Azeri
Garayev Azeri
Garayeva Azeri
Garibov Azeri
Garibova Azeri
Gasanov Azeri Male name GASANOV is a Latin spelling...
Gasanova Azeri Female name GASANOVA is a Latin spell...
Gasanzade Azeri
Gasimov Azeri
Gasimova Azeri
Gasymov Azeri
Gasymova Azeri
Gayibov Azeri
Gayibova Azeri
Gaziev Azeri
Gazieva Azeri
Gaziyev Azeri
Gaziyeva Azeri
Geidarov Azeri
Geidarova Azeri
Geybatov Azeri

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