Azeri last names starting with D

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Dadashev Azeri
Dadasheva Azeri
Dadashov Azeri
Dadashova Azeri
Dilbazi Azeri
Djabarov Azeri
Djabarova Azeri
Djabbarov Azeri
Djabbarova Azeri
Djabiyev Azeri
Djabiyeva Azeri
Djabrailov Azeri
Djabrailova Azeri
Djafarov Azeri
Djafarova Azeri
Djalilov Azeri
Djalilova Azeri
Djamalov Azeri
Djamalova Azeri
Djamilov Azeri
Djamilova Azeri
Djamshidov Azeri
Djamshidova Azeri
Djanaliyev Azeri
Djanaliyeva Azeri
Djangirov Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Djangirova Azeri
Djavadov Azeri
Djavadova Azeri
Dzhafarov Azeri
Dzhafarova Azeri
Dzhahagirov Azeri
Dzhahagirova Azeri
Dzhalilov Azeri
Dzhalilova Azeri
Dzharbailov Azeri
Dzharbailova Azeri
Dzhavad Azeri
Dzhavadov Azeri Male name DZHAVADOV is a Latin spelli...
Dzhavadova Azeri Female name DZHAVADOVA is a Latin spe...
Dzhebrailov Azeri
Dzhebrailova Azeri
Dzhevanshir Azeri

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