Azeri last names starting with B

Azeri last names in alphabetical order:
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Name Origin Meaning
Babaev Azeri Male name BABAEV is a Latin spelling ...
Babaeva Azeri Female name BABAEVA is a Latin spelli...
Babayev Azeri
Babayeva Azeri
Badaldejli Azeri
Bagapov Azeri
Bagapova Azeri
Baghirov Azeri
Baghirova Azeri
Bagirov Azeri Male name BAGIROV is a Latin spelling...
Bagirova Azeri Female name BAGIROVA is a Latin spell...
Baguirov Azeri
Baguirova Azeri
Bahlulov Azeri
Bahlulova Azeri
Bairamov Azeri Male name BAIRAMOV is a Latin spellin...
Bairamova Azeri Female name BAIRAMOVA is a Latin spel...
Bakhlulov Azeri
Bakhlulova Azeri
Bakihanov Azeri
Bakihanova Azeri
Bakuvi Azeri
Baliev Azeri Male name BALIEV is a Latin spelling ...
Balieva Azeri Female name BALIEVA is a Latin spelli...
Baylarbayov Azeri
Baylarbayova Azeri
Name Origin Meaning
Beglerbekov Azeri
Beglerbekova Azeri
Behbudov Azeri
Behbudova Azeri
Beibutov Azeri
Beibutova Azeri
Bekhbutov Azeri
Bekhbutova Azeri
Beybutov Azeri
Beybutova Azeri
Budagov Azeri
Budagova Azeri

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