Meaning Local: Of Livermere, two parishes, Great and Little Livermere, in county Suffolk, about six miles from Bury St. Edmunds. From Suffolk the surname wandered into Essex, where it is still known as Livermore.
From 'lleufer,' a light, and 'maur,' great - the great light. A name given to the first Christian king of Britain, hence called by the Romans 'Lucius,' which has in the Latin the same signification.
Origin English, Welsh, Irish, Falkland

Rank 9,774 (2000 US census) 11,191 (1990 US census)
Count 3,053 (2000 US census)

Race / ethnic distribution

The 2000 US Census claims that
  • 91.88%, or 2805 total occurrences, of those with this family name identified themselves as being white,
  • 3.21%, or 98 total occurrences, as black,
  • 0.49%, or 15 total occurrences, as Asian and Pacific Islander,
  • 0.88%, or 27 total occurrences, as American Indian and Native Alaskan,
  • 1.41%, or 43 total occurrences, as two or more races, and
  • 2.13%, or 65 total occurrences, as Hispanic ethnic origin.

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