Meaning The son of John, from the popular nickname Jake or Jack.
The son of Jack, or John.
The son of John, from the popular nickname Jake or Jack,
Origin English, Jewish, Native American, Chilean, Irish, Falkland, Ugandan, Creole, Belgian, Guam

Rank 18 (2000 US census) 13 (1990 US census)
Count 666,125 (2000 US census)

Race / ethnic distribution

The 2000 US Census claims that
  • 41.93%, or 279306 total occurrences, of those with this family name identified themselves as being white,
  • 53.02%, or 353179 total occurrences, as black,
  • 0.31%, or 2065 total occurrences, as Asian and Pacific Islander,
  • 1.04%, or 6928 total occurrences, as American Indian and Native Alaskan,
  • 2.18%, or 14522 total occurrences, as two or more races, and
  • 1.53%, or 10192 total occurrences, as Hispanic ethnic origin.

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