Meaning Local: Of Chilton. There are many parishes in various counties of ENgland bearing this name.
Local: From a town of the same name in Wiltshire, England, signifying the chalk-hills; from the Saxon 'cylt,' clay or chalk.
Origin English, Jewish, Irish, Anglo-saxon

Rank 5,257 (2000 US census) 3,937 (1990 US census)
Count 6,096 (2000 US census)

Race / ethnic distribution

The 2000 US Census claims that
  • 88.24%, or 5379 total occurrences, of those with this family name identified themselves as being white,
  • 7.23%, or 441 total occurrences, as black,
  • 0.39%, or 24 total occurrences, as Asian and Pacific Islander,
  • 1.07%, or 65 total occurrences, as American Indian and Native Alaskan,
  • 1.44%, or 88 total occurrences, as two or more races, and
  • 1.62%, or 99 total occurrences, as Hispanic ethnic origin.

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